Fall Routine Shifts

Fall is setting in for us at our headquarters in Asheville, North Carolina. Over the past several weeks we’ve seen drastic changes in our once lush, green trees that are now, on queue, showing signs of the changing of seasons. As shorter days and mild temperatures ease us into the winter months we are addressing our daily routines and making the necessary fall routine shifts to support healthy skin.

As we take the time to put away summer clothes and begin to bring out our fall and winter layers, skin can be thought of in the same way. Incorporating this kind of thinking allows you to address your skin's daily needs and in turn your skin avoids feeling sluggish

An easy trick when days fluctuate in temperature is to think of applying hydrators like clothing layers. The lower the temperature dips, the more rich products are preferred. Rich products that are hydrating and occlusive help to alleviate irritation and dehydration that is likely when experiencing wind and dry heat from air conditioning. For fall we recommend beginning your shift to products that provide a moderate to strong protective barrier on skin to sufficiently protect against transepidermal water loss (TEWL). 

Our best tips for vibrant and hydrated skin is to appropriately layer hydrators on skin for your day and expected activity. We go in-depth about how best to address this process in our How to Layer Facial Hydrators blog. 

As cooler temperatures set in we recommend layering our Lavender Cold Cream, our richest facial hydrator, as a strong protective barrier on top of our nutrient-dense Evening Rose Facial Serum 2-3 times a week to give skin extra hydration and protection against TEWL. Making this shift now is the perfect way to prepare skin with adequate hydration for the low temperatures of winter that often lead to parched, inflamed skin.

As you incorporate products that provide topical barrier protection it is crucial to maintain consistent, routine exfoliation. This step in your routine is a must as it allows the topmost layer of cellular debris and residual product to be sloughed off allowing healthy cellular regeneration and product absorption to take place. Spring and fall are the best times to take advantage of professional-grade facial exfoliants as skin is not as affected by the environmental intensity of summer and winter. We adore incorporating either our Hepburn Facial Mask or Pigmentation Facial Mask for the shift to the fall season. These masks were recently debuted as part of our Facial Collection but has been utilized in our plant-based Natural Spa since 2018 as two of our most powerful formulations to help firm, refine texture and correct oil-prone skin.