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Our Brand

We create plant-based products that are pH balanced, effective, and good for everybody.™

Our Story

C&Co.® was founded in 2012 on the principles of efficacy, integrity and transparency.

Founder Christi Apodaca strove to create lipid-based formulations that are pH-balanced and available at an affordable price point. With an independent and FDA registered lab based in Asheville, North Carolina, C&Co.® products are formulated and manufactured with care to ensure that only good goes into every bottle.

Through the employment of sustainable business practices, carefully-selected organic and lipid-based ingredients work in harmony to provide necessary nutrients that work to restore the barrier for overall balance to skin. After setting a personal standard to prioritize a healthy lifestyle at a young age, our founder came to realize years later that the beauty industry failed to provide products that aligned with these standards. She made it her mission to create a line of skin and body care products that were formulated with non-toxic ingredients, were transparent in their messaging, yielded effective and long-term results, and still maintained a luxurious feel on the skin. C&Co.® was born.


Every C&Co.® product is formulated and manufactured in our independent and FDA registered lab. Driven by an innate passion to create effective plant-based solutions for skin, we ensure that only good goes into every bottle.™
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Sweet Orange & Clove Artisan Soap


Giving back is a core tenant of C&Co.® Since 2012, we have partnered with local organizations donating funds to support the incredible work they do.
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Better Together

Empowered by our incredible female team, product efficacy and our expertise in the function of skin remain at the center of all that we do.

From formulating and manufacturing to ingredient transparency, C&Co.® is cultivating a legacy brand focused on the client experience from beginning to end to create meaningful moments across all channels.