Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information FAQs

We recommend using our products within 12-18 months of the batch number to ensure quality and efficacy since our ingredients are plant-derived. This 6-digit number is found on the side or on the bottom of each product and indicates the date your product was manufactured.

What you put on your skin matters. C&Co.® is a skincare brand that creates plant-based products that are pH balanced, effective and good for everybody.™ By formulating and manufacturing with care we ensure that only good goes into every bottle.

  • We only use traceable and plant-derived ingredients sourced from independent organic farms around the world.
  • We formulate & manufacture our entire product line at our independent and FDA registered lab in Asheville.
  • We create a digital paper trail from Seed to Skin™ to ensure traceability and transparency with every product.

We never use any petrochemicals, phthalates, SLSs, synthetics, detergents, formaldehyde and fillers.

Every C&Co.® product is formulated and manufactured in our independent and FDA registered lab. Driven by an innate passion to create effective plant-based solutions for skin, we ensure that only good goes into every bottle.™

We are Leaping Bunny® Certified, Cruelty Free® Certified, Living Wage Certified and all of our products are Made in the USA. Our entire product line is searchable on EWG’s Skin Deep Database with a toxicity score of 1-3.

We support our community by giving back to local organizations through our Seasonal Giveback Program™ and Cyber Monday To Fuel Giving Tuesday Program™.

Our Daily Face Polish is a honey-based enzymatic morning cleanser that gently buffs away excess dead skin cells while providing lightweight hydration for skin. It is formulated to be ceramide and vitamin C rich to help balance and tone skin and it non-abrasive for daily use.

To use we recommend applying desired amount to wet skin, massaging in a circular motion until the gooey texture has disintegrated. From there, rinse with warm water, pat dry and follow with your favorite facial hydrator.

In general facial toners help to correct the pH of skin after the use of more stripping or abrasive facial cleansers. We recommend incorporating a toner if you are unsure of the pH in the products you currently use in your routine. Our entire skincare line is pH balanced and we love our Sweet Orange & Rose Facial Toner as a secondary cleansing step as well as a hydrating mist. When it comes to skin tendencies like reactive or sensitive skin, combination skin, unruly breakouts, redness and premature aging, that can be exacerbated by products that are not pH balanced or dermally hydrating.

Yes! Our natural deodorants have a pH balanced formulation that neutralize odor without irritation. They have a soft, creamy consistency for application and a powder finish to skin. They are aluminum-free yet they wick away sweat to keep you feeling dry throughout the day.

This rich facial hydrator is formulated using an oil-into-water emulsification which is forced due to the use of organic beeswax in the formulation. As you can imagine, it’s a tricky one but what you get is a skin nourishing cream that is both hydrating and occlusive.

We love to incorporate this product into our skincare routine 1-3 times a week by scooping a pea-sized amount and applying to face, neck and chest as dots then blending together for an even application. This product is dense so applying as dots then blending is essential and can be layered on top of our Evening Rose Facial Serum in cooler climates.

Typically a full-sized jar would last between 9 months and a year depending on how frequently it is used. You can expect our mini sample to last 15 to 30 days of use, which is ideal when adding a new product into your skincare routine to ensure your skin loves it.

Dark circles and eye bags are most commonly connected to diet, lifestyle and genetics. Incorporating gentle daily facial massage to encourage lymphatic drainage is beneficial to see a change in this appearance as massage releases stagnancy and diminishes swelling. We offer Gua Sha stones as a tool for lymphatic drainage in your at-home routine as well as offer manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) in our facial treatments at our Natural Spa in downtown Asheville.

The best way to see results for superficial hyperpigmentation is a consistent facial care routine that incorporates weekly exfoliation and daily use of SPF on face, neck and chest. We recommend our Daily Face Polish each morning and weekly exfoliation with our Chamomile & Oats Clay Facial Mask for facial hyperpigmentation. For the body we recommend weekly exfoliation with our sugar scrubs. It is important to remember hyperpigmentation may not be repairable and many factors such as hormones, genetics, diet and deep sun damage effect reduction and removal of unwanted pigmentation. 

While we do not offer any Vitamin C serums or products with added ascorbic acid, we do formulate our entire line with nutrient dense organic ingredients that support the health and vitality of skin. Our facial care collection is fully concentrated and provides a naturally rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants that support healthy cellular regeneration while remaining gentle on skin.

No, as an organic plant-based company our focus is solely on formulating oil or lipid-based products. We recommend reading the Science of Skin to learn more about skin being a lipid-bilayer, accepting only lipids, and how you can cultivate a healthy skincare routine with lipid-based ingredients and pH balanced products.

Our Evening Rose Facial Serum is a fully organic and concentrated nutrient dense twice daily moisturizer. It is formulated to be lightweight on skin and is rich in vitamin C to promote collagen and elastin production which helps plump, hydrate and firm skin. With consistent use it improves moisture retention by providing a barrier against transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and reduces overall skin redness. For a weightless feel and proper absorption we recommend applying 1 pump to a damp face, neck and chest twice daily. We also recommend incorporating a gentle weekly exfoliant that is pH balanced.

You can expect the color of the product to range from a straw to an emerald green color and the scent to range from earthy to a spicy, balsamic scent due to the strong nature of organic grapeseed oil. This coloration and scent differs from batch to batch due to the natural variation of the organic ingredients, which does not affect the efficacy or absorption of this product. Please note that no essential oils are added to this product.

We recommend using our sugar scrubs as a weekly body exfoliant but do not recommend using them on the face, neck or chest as the crystals are a little too abrasive for these areas. To use simply apply to wet skin, scrub in a circular motion until dissolved, rinse and pat dry. Because this product does not contain any fillers or anti-caking desiccants, we recommend scooping out the desired amount into a separate bowl to use in order to keep the jar dry and away from water.

We only use cold-pressed plant oils in our formulations. Our ingredients never undergo heat, solvents or chemical extraction to isolate or obtain nutrient dense properties of the plant material. We prefer this method so that our ingredients remain unaltered and unadulterated.

We recommend staying away from medicinal quantities of essential oil in products and diffused in the air. We do not use medicinal quantities of any essential oil in our products.

Throughout our product line our essential oil concentration ranges 0.5 - 2% - which is well below the normal and medicinal quantity.

We also always recommend having a conversation with your doctor as it is important to make sure that you both are on the same page with what is best for your journey. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out.

When it comes to our brand, all of our products are formulated to be pH balanced for optimal skin health. Because of this we ask that no water, essential oils, or any other substances be added to our products as it can compromise the efficacy and safety of the final product. Please contact us if you have any concerns, questions or suggestions.

We source glass, plastic, aluminum and paperboard packaging for our product line. We are constantly evaluating our footprint on this earth, offering recyclable packaging and working toward shifting products to glass and paperboard to reduce our impact.

We currently do not offer refills on empty product bottles as we are not equipped with the proper sterilization machines to accommodate at this time. If this is something you'd like us to offer, let us know!

Every C&Co.® product is formulated and manufactured in our independent and FDA registered lab. Driven by an innate passion to create effective plant-based solutions for skin, we ensure that only good goes into every bottle.™

No. We have pivoted to an online model to remain focused on our clients and product line. With this shift we now offer $5 flat and free shipping options, have opened our brand to new wholesale opportunities and have created a Rewards Program for brand loyalty.

Yes, we have wholesale opportunity with our brand and would love to hear from you. We also offer private label and contract manufacturing at our independent & FDA registered lab.

We cannot apply promotion codes to previous orders and appreciate your understanding.

You can enter a valid promo code on the right side of the shipping/payment details page on our website. If you use Apple Pay to checkout you bypass the screen for entering the promo code (all your details are already in the app) and you will need to manually enter your shipping details then apply the promo code after selecting "Continue to Shipping.”

See a screenshot of the promo code input here.

We strive to provide the best products possible and always aim for client satisfaction. In the event you are not satisfied with any C&Co.® product we are happy to offer a refund or store credit on unopened merchandise within 30 days of purchase. We are unable to accept returns on opened merchandise. 

When it comes to online orders, we are unable to refund the original shipping cost and the client is responsible for any return shipping cost. We strive to take care of our clients, please email us at if further assistance is needed. 

If you are unsure of allergies and skin sensitivities, we offer a Mini Sample Collection for some of our most popular products and you can always call to request additional samples.

If you are encountering stains or discoloration on fabrics our go-to suggestion is baking soda and white vinegar as it creates an acid-base reaction that usually helps to lift stains if it is not set into the fabric.

We like to use 1/8 cup baking soda to 1/4 cup white vinegar, sprinkling the baking soda on the laundry before adding the vinegar to the softener compartment of the washer.

We advise against the use of bleach for this type of staining as it binds oils into fabrics. To avoid future stains we encourage clients to adhere to the product directions and recommended use as using too much may result in the excess transferring onto fabrics.

We manufacture our products fresh so if it is out of stock please know that we will be making a new batch within the upcoming week.

We offer gift wrapping when a Gift Box, Ribbon & Card has been added to any order. With this option, once all items are selected and the gift box has been added to your cart please click the "Add a Gift Message" button to send in a personalized digital message to the recipient at the date and time you prefer.

Please note that we do not include prices or order invoices with any of our shipments.

Facial Routine FAQs

The best way to take care of skin is by creating and maintaining daily and weekly routines with pH balanced products. Daily cleansing helps to prevent an accumulation of dead skin cells and environmental toxins while a true moisturizer hydrates and creates a protective barrier on the skin to prevent transepidermal water loss (TEWL) via evaporation. We recommend weekly non-granular exfoliation followed by your choice of moisturizer in order to maintain healthy skin and proper product absorption.  

We believe that it is never too late to start a good skincare regimen. It is important to provide skin the vitamins and nutrients it needs in order to repair and regenerate properly. As your skin ages its cellular turnover cycle and production of collagen and elastin begin to decline, this natural decrease in skin’s activity is what we all are combating when we talk of anti-aging. In order to encourage graceful aging we need to use quality products that help retain moisture and supply skin with nutrients for healthy regeneration. Our facial care line is formulated to provide both hydrating and occlusive properties along with nutrients that are essential for skin restoration. If you find yourself unsure of where to start, we’d love to help! Simply send us an email to request your custom skincare routine.

It is a twice daily moisturizing balm that helps to repair skin damage and increase elasticity with collagen promoting organic oils and a plant-based provitamin A, or retinol. This product has a deep fresh scent and provides a heavy barrier against transepidermal water loss (TEWL) which is important around the eye region.

We recommend using twice daily by scraping a small amount with the back of your thumbnail, gently warm between ring fingers and blotting on skin around the eyes, lips and brow. The main thing to remember when applying any product around the eye area is to not tug, pull or press too hard. 

Yes!! Although exfoliation is an important component to balanced skincare it needs to be done gently and typically once a week. Over exfoliation can lead to skin damage by breaking down the production of collagen and elastin in the dermis, which accelerates the signs of aging and can catapult your skin into a chronic acidic/alkaline state. When exfoliation/cleansing is done too often or too aggressively or if your routine consists of products that are not pH balanced, skin has difficulty returning to its naturally preferred pH range. These fluctuations can contribute to many chronic skin conditions/tendencies as well as excessively dry skin, inconsistent breakouts, and an overproduction of sebum.

When it comes to our products, we recommend using one of our clay masks for face, neck and chest and our sugar scrubs for body, hands and feet.

Remember using an exfoliant should happen only once a week and can come in the form of facial masks, peels, AHAs, BHAs, microdermabrasion, retinols, scrubs, Clarisonic, washcloth, facial brush, etc.

As the founder I am asked about my personal facial care routine fairly often. As you all might know, skin health is connected to body health so eat your organic fruits and double down on your organic veggies, fill your water bottles AND consume them, make sure to get outside for fresh air and exercise daily and do your best to create a decompression routine that works for you before bedtime.

A bit about my lifestyle and skin; I am 39 1/2, very active, I pay much attention to what I eat/drink but sure love a G&T. I try to read nightly to decompress but it doesn’t always work. My skin tendency is combination but will become dry with changes to the season. For my skincare ritual, I prefer a twice daily one that feels simple to maintain and is something I look forward to.

Remember consistency is key, this is my routine:

• Daily Face Polish
• Evening Rose Facial Serum
• Carrot & Rose Eye Repair

• Sweet Orange & Rosemary Cleansing Milk
• Sweet Orange & Rose Facial Toner
• Evening Rose Facial Serum
• Carrot & Rose Eye Repair
• Lavender Cold Cream (layered on top when it is cold outside)

Weekly on Sundays
• Sweet Orange & Rosemary Cleansing Milk
• Chamomile & Oats Clay Facial Mask OR Red Clay Facial Mask
• Lavender Cold Cream

We formulate and handcraft our artisan soap using a cold-process saponification method with organic olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, steam-distilled essential oils and reverse osmosis water in this process. As a result our bars remain firm in the shower, produce a rich lather, last about a month of use and have a light lingering scent. We allow our bars to cure for a minimum of 30 days to ensure they are pH balanced before they arrive at our shop. We adore our artisan soap and believe that they are an affordable everyday luxury. 

Shipping FAQs

We offer $5 flat rate shipping and free shipping for orders $150+.

You may select Priority Shipping if you would like your order to arrive within 1-3 days from fulfillment date.

Yes. Shipping costs are calculated by USPS per the final weight and destination of the package. 

In the event your package is delayed, please give the carrier an additional day or two to complete the delivery.

If a package is marked as delivered but you did not receive it, please reach out immediately so we can file a claim on your behalf and process a replacement at no charge.

We ship everywhere via USPS priority unless otherwise requested. 

We ship same day for orders placed before 12 PM EST Monday through Friday.

We ship all orders via USPS unless specified and will ship orders the following day if it is placed on a federal holiday.

The cost of shipping is calculated based on weight and distance from origin to the destination.

We offer $5 flat rate shipping and free shipping for orders $150+. You may select Priority Shipping if you would like your order to arrive within 1-3 days from fulfillment date.

As a formulator and manufacturer, we are constantly reflecting on how we do things and the impact we're making on our world as whole. 

When it comes to our brand, we use biodegradable packing peanuts, recycled tissue paper and recycled boxes for our shipping needs.

In 2022 we made changes to reduce our footprint even more by moving plastic trash bags to biodegradable in our manufacturing lab alongside moving our toilet paper from paper to bamboo in our restrooms. While we put a huge emphasis on recycling, reusing and repurposing as much as we can we still have a small amount of waste annually.