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Low Maintenance, Like You.

Life is full of surprises, your skincare products shouldn’t be.

We create plant-based products that are pH balanced, effective and good for everybody™ because what you put on your skin matters.

Basic Routine - C & Co.®
Facial Routine


Minimalist approach • Simple routine to take back the health of your skin.
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Our Core Routine | pH balanced Facial Collection
Facial Routine


Fully concentrated • Morning and night rituals to plump skin.
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Complete Routine - C & Co.®
Facial Routine


Full pH balanced collection • Switch & layer to adapt to the day ahead.
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Simple, refreshing, & works so well with my sensitive skin! Also smells sooo good.

Basic Routine - C & Co.®
Amanda O.
September 2023

This was so gentle on my sensitive skin. Great at clearing up my pores and minimizing their visibility. It helps that it smells so lovely.

Blue Green Algae Facial Mask - C & Co.®
Zach G.
August 2023

I’m in love with this product. Makes my skin so smooth. No more middle age break outs. No more overly dry skin. Has a nice subtle scent that feels spa like.

Alyssa B.
June 2023

I tried this product and love it! I love how it’s not greasy nor does it make me break out! It’s a must have!

Lavender Cold Cream - C & Co.®
Tara R.
June 2023