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Basic Routine - C & Co.®
Facial Routine


Minimalist approach • Simple routine to take back the health of your skin.
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Our Core Routine | pH balanced Facial Collection
Facial Routine


Fully concentrated • Morning and night rituals to plump skin.
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Complete Routine - C & Co.®
Facial Routine


Full pH balanced collection • Switch & layer to adapt to the day ahead.
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Especially in the winter when my skin is dry, it gives an amazing glow and feeling. I highly recommend this product.

Lavender Cold Cream - C & Co.®
Mary D.
December 2023

My skin is screaming thank you! After 2 uses, my skin looks smoother, more even in color, just overall more youthful.

Chamomile & Oats Clay Facial Mask - C & Co.®
Jennifer K.
December 2023

Leaves my face feeling fresh and clean. Great for removing makeup. I've been using this product for a few years and wouldn't want any other cleanser!

Laura N.
November 2023

The eye repair product is doing wonders for my under eye and lip areas! I am thrilled with my results.

Carrot & Rose Eye Repair - C & Co.®
Ann D.
November 2023