3 Ways to Support Healthy Skin

Products get all the attention in the world of skincare, but there is a lesser known topic in the beauty industry that we believe is absolutely essential to activating the skin’s true potential. Lymphatic movement. Our holistic therapists at our natural spa focus on intentional touch to encourage lymphatic movement in every treatment and in our retail setting our skincare consultants break down the best ways to encourage lymph health at home.

Here are 3 ways to support healthy skin through lymphatic movement, for an effective at-home skincare routine:

Dry Brushing

An excellent 3-in-1 approach to refresh the body. Dry brushing is an excellent way to get lymph fluid moving to help release toxins from the body, stimulate healthy circulation as well as exfoliating the skin. We only recommend dry brushing the body as this technique is too abrasive to face and neck. We love to incorporate dry brushing 1-2 times a month, although you can incorporate more frequently.

We typically pair our dry brushing ritual when we are making the bi-monthly switch from our Chamomile & Oats Clay Facial Mask to our Red Clay Facial Mask.

We recommend gentle strokes toward the heart, always moving to another area if reddening of the skin occurs. We suggest dry brushing skin before bathing and to apply our Arnica Massage & Body Oil afterwards as your hydrator to support continued circulatory stimulation and luxurious lipids to freshly exfoliated skin.

Gua Sha Facial Massage

Gua sha is a massage modality from ancient China used in traditional Chinese medicine that can be performed utilizing different techniques throughout the body to benefit an array of ailments. For us, we use our gua sha at home to help to activate the lymphatic system. By massaging the face, neck and chest with the appropriate direction you’re able to transport lymph fluid to nearby lymph nodes that your body is able to readily detox. Other benefits from gua sha can include diminished puffiness and inflammation, reduced pore size and firmer skin reducing pronounced lines. It is a great tool to use to reduce breakouts.

We recommend keeping a glide on skin with our Evening Rose Facial Serum and performing this massage technique until the serum has fully absorbed. When slowing down for this ritual we hope you notice your breath deepening and your nervous system shifting into relaxation.

Detoxifying Soak

Our Herbal Soaking Salts are our go-to for a relaxing tub soak. They are formulated with mineral rich salts and anti-inflammatory herbs to keep you feeling your best. Just like dry brushing and gua sha this ritual helps to calm the nervous system, stimulate the lymphatic system and increase circulation. If you don’t have a tub, try a foot soak. This can help with softening skin, purging toxins through the feet as well as soothing pain and inflammation you may experience. For the ultimate experience we recommend adding our Bath & Body Oil to any soak for beautifully supple skin.

See Self Care as a Lifestyle for video resources of the above modalities.