How to Prep Skin for Spring

Skin, like our bodies, looks forward to a spring awakening after the slumber of winter. For many of us our rituals start off strong then begin to slide when life gets busy, and the days get shorter. While you can awaken your routine at any time we find that when we begin to hear the birds chirping it is time to think of prepping skin for warmer days and cooler nights.

We like to begin this process by reassessing routines, looking for gaps and pairing down rich moisturizers when necessary. 

This can look like moving your Lavender Cold Cream from twice daily to a nighttime hydrator and sticking with our Evening Rose Facial Serum as your base layer, applied twice daily. It can also look like moving your body hydrator to a lightweight one like our Lavender & Primrose Moisturizer rather than the rich combination of our Bergamot & Lavender Body Balm and Coconut & Lavender Baby Moisturizer combination that you may have found yourself using throughout the winter months.

To properly prepare for temperature changes it’s helpful to get in the habit of assessing what your skin needs daily. As you undergo season changes this will help you stay on top of your routine while keeping your skin balanced and hydrated with less dermal dehydration and skin reactivity. 

As you begin to adjust product usage, proper cleansing and exfoliation is key to helping skin keep up with changes. We recommend daily use of our Sweet Orange & Rose Facial Toner as a secondary cleansing step in the evening to remove excess product buildup and tighten pores. Another great addition to your springtime routine is to incorporate an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) prior to your gentle weekly exfoliant as the seasons change. We love this quarterly skin refresh as it can enhance the effectiveness of your cleanser and weekly exfoliant while better assisting with a deeper penetration of any nutrient dense hydrators you have in your routine. We also love how incorporating AHAs allow skin to feel lighter so you can reach for your daily SPF for protection and additional hydration without feeling like you are layering too much on skin.