Sun Care & SPF Recommendations

Sun-saturated days make for the best memories. Enjoying the warm days underneath a blue sky hiking I find the perfect dose of reconnection with nature that cultivates so much gratitude in my life. I find peace and I find clarity.

I love getting outside mid-morning, when the quiet of the forest meets the steady hum of cicadas overhead. Fellow hikers with pleasant greetings pass by, usually on their way back to the trailhead as they’ve started much earlier in the day. Adorned with wide-brim hats and breathable outfits that extend to their wrists. Me, on the other hand, in attire that does not signify my concern for the sun. I’ve always had a lack of worry when it comes to sun protection. Always fussing at my mother as she coated me before I could play. I do not burn easily so sun protection has always been the least of my priorities when getting outside.

As I’ve grown a greater understanding of skin care, the benefits and the harm sun exposure can bring I’ve been more inclined to change the times of my hikes and apply & pack sunblock as I begin days outside. 

Harmful UV exposure is at its highest from 10am to 4pm, so even when I don’t have time for a hike you’ll find me in a sun patch in the yard basking in the early morning warmth. Studies have shown that vitamin D produced by the skin (via sun exposure) lasts longer than when taken as a supplement. This is not to say that you should toss your vitamin D supplement, but rather take into consideration the benefits sunbathing can offer when done mindfully. It has been found that “…twenty minutes of sunshine daily with over 40% of skin exposed is required to prevent vitamin D deficiency.”  I love the dminder app for this. An app that tracks vitamin d, reminds and guides you through healthy sun exposure practices. 

Although we cannot claim perfect SPF practices or that we’re always mindful of our sun exposure, we’ve come together as a company to recommend our favorite sunblocks on the market. We’ve vetted their protection, ingredients, feel on skin, traceability, environmental impacts and company ethos to make your search for an SPF less daunting. 
  1. All Good - Mineral Sunstick SPF 30 (Unscented) -  A great on-the-go sunblock stick that is a must for the trail or travel.
  1. Badger Balm's Active Mineral Sunscreen Cream SPF 30 for when you're getting in the water.
  1. Babo Botanicals Daily Sheer SPF 40 - Used by many clients and in the Natural Spa. This product goes on weightless. The ingredients are clean except for phenoxyethanol which is a preservation system.  

For the freshest possible product be sure to purchase directly from the original company website. All of the above products are mineral sunblocks using non-nano zinc and pair well over our facial care line. Mineral SPFs go on best when applied as dots then blended to reduce the appearance of white cast (similar to our Lavender Cold Cream application).

Things to keep in mind on sunny days:

  1. Get outside when the UV index is ≤ 3

  2. Topical and internal antioxidants paired with topical sun protection are great preventative measures to reduce your risk of sun damage.

  3. Reapply product after two hours of activity. Even cloudy days or when in the shade UV rays can affect you.

If prone to sunburn we have tips to prevent & treat here. 

Product Application Method