NEW Facial Exfoliants

We're happy to announce that we have debuted 4 new facial exfoliants and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome the summer with these new additions as part of our Facial Collection.

We love that each of these masks are formulated with something completely different for skin and can be used monthly in place of our tried and true weekly facial mask, our Chamomile & Oats. You can expect each jar to be packed with skin nourishing vitamins, minerals, organic AHAs and essential fatty acids to help restore skin vitality, improve tone and texture, and decongest cellular buildup. 

Blue Green Algae

We formulated this monthly treatment mask to reduce inflammation and pore visibility, to assist with repairing broken capillaries and to provide balanced hydration for skin. You can expect this earthy, bright mask to reduce redness and cellular buildup while providing nutrients for a healthy glow. It is naturally rich in AHAs, vitamin C and enzymes to help clear and plump skin for an even texture and tone. This mask is suitable for all skin tendencies and is beneficial for those with acne-prone or moderately congested skin.


Formulated to brighten the complexion, balance hydration, repair broken capillaries and reduce hyperpigmentation with provitamin A, malic acid and vitamin C. The stand-out plant-based ingredients in this formulation are organic pomegranate and licorice root, adored for their hydrating properties, antioxidant profile and ability to reduce topical skin discoloration. You can expect smooth texture and even tone with consistent monthly use of this nourishing mask. We also love that it is formulated to be appropriate for all skin tendencies or types.


It is rumored Audrey Hepburn washed her skin with a combination of sugar and fresh squeezed lemon each day, and although we do not recommend a high concentration of acids on the face daily, we have crafted this potent exfoliant in tribute to her. This already coveted facial mask is formulated to balance excess sebum production, correct tone and texture of skin, encourage a cellular turnover and increase skin's elasticity. You will notice an immediate radiant glow and improvement to deeply parched skin due to the rich nature of AHAs and vitamin C in this mask. While this formulation is suitable for monthly use for all skin tendencies/types we recommended it for ages 15+  and not to exceed twice monthly use.


This monthly facial mask was formulated to create a solid foundation for skin after a few seasons of sun damage and imbalances to a facial routine. It is enzyme-based, rich in AHAs and vitamin C to help reduce hyperpigmentation, pore visibility and inflammation. We love that it evens tone, texture and promotes collage production without the need for downtime. You can expect a smooth to the touch surface with even coloration and noticeably plumped skin before the hydration step. Because this is our most powerful formulation we recommended it for ages 15+ and not to exceed twice monthly use. It is formulated to be suitable for normal to oily skin tendencies/types. If you consider your skin to be sensitive or reactive, we'd love you to take a moment and reach out for a consultation with our team before using to ensure optimal skin health.