Top 5 Favorite Products for Summer

Throughout the year we are asked which product is our favorite, and although it is hard to pick only one, we thought it would be helpful to give you a list of our top products for the season. For summer, we like to stick with the basics that are easy to pack and multi-purpose. Here are our top 5 favorite products for summer, we hope you love them too!

Artisan Bar Soaps

Six varieties of artisan soap that provide one-step cleansing and hydrating for the whole body. Our soaps are vegan and palm oil free, remain firm throughout use and provide a generous lather without leaving skin feeling taut or tight. They are among our favorite multi-purpose products, pick out your favorite here.

Pro Tip: Pack your naked bar of soap in a cotton drawstring bag to keep it from becoming goopy while traveling.

Arnica Salve

Arnica is great to alleviate sore muscles and joints, promote healthy circulation and diminish bruising. We find it to be the perfect addition to your weekender bag when managing an injury or an active lifestyle. We typically opt for the salve when traveling as it’s TSA compliant, but our Arnica Massage & Body Oil has a locking pump for travel so you can pack it in your checked bag. 

Natural Deodorant

Our natural deodorants have a cream to powder finish that blends effortlessly into skin. Having undergone a recent reformulation, this product remains effective at neutralizing odor while being gentle on skin without irritation. Newly debuted in a durable glass jar, this item is TSA compliant and can be easily recycled wherever your travels take you.

Sugar Scrubs

Light and powdery weekly exfoliation for the body, these gentle exfoliants slough off cellular build up allowing your favorite hydrators to penetrate deeply into skin. Our sugar scrubs are especially handy when prepping skin for an at-home tan or when experiencing peeling skin after a sunburn, making them one of our favorite products to have around in the summertime.

Shaving Oil

A beneficial swap if you experience unwanted irritation when shaving as our shaving oil is an ultra-hydrating and ultra-protective shaving product that can replace a cream or foam. Gender-neutral and formulated for use on the face and body with the fresh scent of juniper and lavender. We love that it is packaged in a compact bottle with a cap for travel that will last most clients five months with consistent use.

If you're in search of sun protection or a natural makeup brand, we have you covered.