Our Top 5 Favorite Multi-Purpose Products

Something that we wish we had a megaphone for is how multifaceted C&Co. products are. We formulate plant-based products that are pH balanced, effective and good for everybody.™ Which means each lifestyle is taken into consideration when making each product. We want you to love your products no matter where life takes you. It may be a big move and your skin is experiencing imbalances due to environmental changes, or you might be having a baby and navigating a new season in life with different to-dos and upside-down hormones, it could even be enduring an injury or recovery from surgery– wherever life has you, our products are meant to accompany you through it all without feeling like they have lost their place in your life.

Here are our top five products we wish people knew more about:
  1.  Bergamot & Lavender Body Balm 

Camera angle from birds-eye view showcasing Body Balm product placed on white granite surface, with yellow oils and raw, white, coconut oil in small glass bowls. Lavender flower placed in bottom right corner.
Well known as an intensive hydrator for hands & feet, we also include this in our Mama-to-Be Gift Sets for the prevention of stretch marks and to ease the feeling of tightness. Gently scented by bergamot, lavender and unrefined cocoa butter for the pickiest of noses. We love combining with equal parts moisturizer to extend this rich hydrating balm further across skin and to aid with absorption. Our nutrient dense formulation helps to prevent scars, and to soothe flare-ups connected to inflamed skin, eczema and psoriasis. What most people don’t know is that it’s also a great product for tattoo care. By promoting healthy cellular repair and providing moisture to skin it helps to prevent and alleviate itchiness, flaking, cracking and scabs on healing tattoos. We recommend the use of our body balm only after the tattoo moves away from releasing plasma, after the first 1-3 days. 
Camera angle from above. Lavender Cold Cream product displayed on white granite surface with 5 small bowls surrounding it. It the top left of the picture there is lavender and beeswax in two glass bowls. In the bottom right of the photo three glass bowls display the cream and two different oils, one clear and one a translucent yellow-green
Most of you are familiar with our Lavender Cold Cream as a one-step moisturizer for morning and night, but did you know it’s also a great makeup primer and makeup remover? We recommend to cleanse the face normally, and apply cold cream as moisturizer. Let it absorb completely (about 3-5 minutes) then apply makeup. By applying this hydrating barrier to skin it allows for a smooth application of makeup, reducing appearance of flakiness and product caking and creases. For end of day stubborn eye makeup and lip color, stains and pencils included, apply a small amount of Cold Cream to either a cotton swab or cotton round and remove product effortlessly. For under the eyes we recommend a very gentle swirling motion of a cotton swab in the direction of the outer eye.
Red Clay Mask jar & Serum bottle displayed on white surface with the raw ingredients displayed in small glass bowls. Different hues of vibrant red, yellow, orange & green.
One of two facial exfoliants in our product line, our Red Clay Facial Mask is meant for a deeper exfoliation. It is formulated specifically for skin that is experiencing painful, mound-like breakouts or cyclical acne due to nutrient dense clays and alpha hydroxy acids.  Although we only recommend exfoliating with this particular product 1-2x a month, what we wish more people knew about is that this product is at the top of our list for spot treatments. If you are experiencing a breakout, or even feeling the formation of a pimple (papule or pustule) apply a dab of this clay mask onto the affected area. Repeat until inflammation calms.
Lavender Aromatherapy Mist displayed with two glass bowls containing clear liquid and a lavender sprig to its left. A white washcloth along the right side of picture. All displayed on a circular white granite plate on a grey backdrop.
Part of our Home Collection, we offer five varieties throughout the year for aromatherapy throughout the house. What you may not know about these products is that they are safe on e v e r y t h i n g. What was once called Home & Linen Spray, we know some of you remember, has evolved into Aromatherapy Mists because we didn’t want to confine this product's versatility to also be used as a body and hair mist that provides gentle, lightweight hydration. They’re the perfect addition to the bathroom or guest bedroom, safe on hair, body, fabrics, surfaces and pets. 
7 bars of soap arranged like dominos
Likely found sink-side or in your shower is one of our Artisan Soaps. We know them to be bar soaps that lather generously and provide an unequivocal clean without the dryness from most soaps on the market. What you may have missed out on is that our bar soaps were actually formulated with your furry best friend in mind too. Intentionally made to balance the pH of your dog's coat our soap helps to prevent and soothe irritation like scaly buildup. Although we are partial to using the Unscented or Chamomile & Lavender Baby Soap, all of our Artisan Soaps are the perfect eco-friendly swap for yourself and your pet that lasts many bath times.