Bar Soap vs. Body Wash

We all talk a big game about reducing plastic waste, but when it comes to making each dollar we spend contribute to a cause in which we truly believe we lose ourselves in a daze of dreamy packaging and intoxicating scents that derail our otherwise clear minds. Each dollar we spend is a chance to vote for what we believe is right. 

We believe in products that are formulated with non-toxic ingredients that are thoughtfully sourced & minimally packaged. As a cosmetic brand we are required by law to package our products--or else we would prefer no packaging!

So why bar soaps instead of body wash?

First and foremost, skin health & integrity. Our bar soaps are formulated with all organic ingredients that nourish the dermis and epidermis--that way your skin doesn't only feel hydrated, but is truly moisturized leading to increased overall health and integrity of skin.

Our soaps are formulated with three organic ingredients; olive oil, coconut oil & cocoa butter. Nothing more. Nothing less. Synthetics, detergents, fillers, perfumes and the not-so-nice preservatives necessary for keeping a water-rich product "fresh" make the long list of ingredients that are harsh on skin and very common in the average body wash.

C&Co.® follows traditional methods of saponification resulting in a firm bar of soap that provides a rich creamy lather that will not dry out skin. This method of soap making keeps the natural by-product of glycerin within the final product. Some companies extract this unique ingredient out of their soap to sell for profit, but we keep it in due to its humectant quality that brings moisture to skin.

Additionally, when you choose bar soap over body wash you're choosing to reduce your plastic waste. In this case, when you choose to buy from us, your soap is packaged recyclable boxes. In general, bar soap packaging is minimal compared to the plastic bottles of body wash store shelves are inundated with.

So rest easy when you make the switch. Better for skin. Better for environment.

Plastic Ocean | Photo: @messymsxi | Installation: #SassoonDockArtProject