How to Calm Shaving Irritation

Warm weather is becoming part of our daily lives, and with that welcomed shift in season we’re noticing our shaving oil becoming very popular. Each year as we make our way into the spring and summer months conversations about how to avoid irritation when shaving are at the forefront of our daily interactions. 

Regardless of where you may be experiencing sensitivity, the principles in which skin can be cared for remain the same. We formulate our shaving oil to support the health of skin all over the body, including the face.

While routines vary in frequency and areas targeted we recommend our Juniper Berry & Lavender Shaving Oil for all of our clients. It’s a one and done product for face and body that is formulated to provide a close shave, and protect against irritation while working to hydrate skin beautifully.⁠ We have found that with use overtime, it works to help diminish skin reactivity, even when shaving the most sensitive areas. ⁠

If your skin is prone to reactivity we’ve gathered simple ways you can help soothe and hopefully avoid common shaving irritations in the future:

Soften the area with warm water or compress before shaving.
This helps the razor be more effective as it will have less tension in hair for it to work against. This can be as easy as hopping into the shower or bath to soften skin before shaving or intentionally using an organic cotton washcloth as a warm compress on skin to soften the hair prior to shaving.

Proper cleansing of the area before and after.
All variations of our Artisan Soap bars work to gently cleanse the skin with a rich, creamy lather without stripping skin of essential moisture. These bars can also be used to shave with if you like to have a little more of a visual line when shaving.

Our tip: Apply shaving oil to wet skin, then lather soap in hands and apply over the top to serve as a shaving guide similar to a traditional shaving foam.

Weekly, gentle exfoliation to keep ingrown hair at bay.
Having a regular routine of exfoliation works as a preventative measure and also as an immediate aid when you’re experiencing razor burn and ingrown hairs. To help with ingrown hair on the body we recommend gently massaging just a pinch of one of our sugar scrubs onto the area. Rinse with warm water, pat dry and follow with a moisturizer.

Apply lipid-based moisturizers after shaving.
True moisturizers are formulated to help soothe skin as they are both hydrating and occlusive. This means that they are packed full of lipids that hydrate deep down into skin and provide a barrier to prevent moisture loss. If you’re in need of a gentle and calming moisturizer we recommend our Chamomile Infused Moisturizer or our Coconut & Lavender Baby Moisturizer.