Makeup and SPF Brands We Love

As you all know we love plant-based beauty and are so very grateful to be here among many other talented brands that are making positive waves in the industry. When it comes to skincare we have you covered but when it comes to makeup and SPF, we love to recommend our favorites. These are the brands whose ingredients, truth-in-labeling and how they approach sourcing and manufacturing of their products is all top-notch. While there are so many great options out there to choose from, these have become our go-to recommendations for our clients.

Au Naturale | @aunaturalelife

We have been big supporters of Au Naturale Cosmetics since meeting at the Indie Beauty Expo, NYC in 2017. We love their full-spectrum color approach to clean beauty with ingredients that are good for the skin. Just like us, they are a formulator and manufacturer with an independent lab where they handcraft their entire product line. They are incredibly picky about the ingredients they use and thoughtful about the packaging they select, sitting firmly on an environmentally conscious platform.

Axiology Beauty | @axiology_beauty

With a mission to end plastic waste in the beauty industry, Axiology creates plastic-free, multi-purpose makeup that can be used on eyes, lips and cheeks. They formulate and manufacture their coveted multi-purpose crayons in small batches then package them in recycled paper wrappers and boxes made in Bali with zero plastic. We love their dedication to end plastic waste in the beauty industry and how incredibly versatile their crayons are with an array of vibrant hues for everyone.

HAN Skincare Cosmetics | @hanskincarecosmetics

This brand formulates and manufactures makeup to promote positive beauty and inspire self-confidence for everyone. We love their clean cosmetics, no compromise approach to beauty and improvements to packaging for a more sustainability overall. They have a wide range of hues and formulate with plant and vegetable pigments, not synthetics.

Babo Botanicals | Daily Sheer SPF 40 | @babobotanicals

We know how hard it can be to find a decent sunscreen that is mineral based, absorbs quickly, and doesn’t leave a white cast all while not causing breakouts. Over the years I have tried so many brands and have found this one to be the best I can find on the market, Daily Sheer SPF 40 by Babo Botanicals. The ingredients are clean, and it is the brand we use in our spa and the one that we recommend for daily use. It is packed with many skin-loving nutrients, protects against the sun’s harmful rays and layers perfectly over any of our facial hydrators. While this product can be purchased many places, I like to order from their website for the freshest batch with the longest shelf life possible.