Routine for Teenagers

It can be difficult to know where to start when trying to target rapid changes in skin. Building a new routine to avoid and reduce painful breakouts while keeping skin balanced can feel like quite an undertaking.

We get a lot of curious teens and parents in the shop looking for guidance on first routine steps. A lot happens in skin when approaching adulthood and finding the right products can be an unclear journey. Skin types of all kinds walk into our doors daily. Oily, dry, painful breakouts, blackheads… the list continues.

Signs that skin is imbalanced may show as red or inflamed and feel reactive or sensitive. These are all indicators that the living layer of skin, the dermis, is dehydrated. When the dermis is not nourished the superficial layers of skin we see each day suffer in health and feel. When skin lacks nutrients and hydration it finds itself in disrupt. Disruption in skin combined with hormonal changes in the body and a slowing cellular turnover can present as excess oil production, blackheads, sensitivity and regular breakouts.

To keep the balance in skin we recommend:

1. Lipid-Based Skincare

To help skin find a balance we recommend focusing on cleansers that provide hydration and moisturizers that protect skin against dehydration. Lipid-based products help with skin dryness, as skin, our largest organ, is a lipid bilayer. We find using plant-based lipid ingredients is the best way to hydrate and protect skin while reversing and protecting skin against imbalance.

Bonus: sourcing clean lipid-based products for your body can also help with underarm odor and back acne.

2. Gentle Exfoliation

When we over-exfoliate we disrupt the skin barrier causing an increase in oil production to compensate for the loss of skin hydration. This can be a big potential for closed comedones (white heads) and overall skin congestion (clogged pores). – Don't fret, this is a super common issue and it is easy to repair skin's barrier by shifting to a "less is more" mentality for your exfoliant.

Your products at home may also include sneaking exfoliants you’re not aware of. Be sure to double check your ingredient labels for hidden acids and if products have any abrasion, or grit, be aware this could be causing skin to reactive negatively.

3. pH Balanced Products

Each product we manufacture has been formulated to be pH balanced to assist with maintaining the integrity of skin health. Using products that are too alkaline or acidic disrupts the delicate nature of skin, leaving it susceptible to damage and infection. Repetitive use of unbalanced products can leave your skin in a state of chronic disruption, which can contribute to a variety of skin reactions and conditions.

Our Best-Selling Routine for Teens: Basic Routine

This includes a daily facial cleanser and moisturizer for morning and night and a weekly exfoliant. It’s the perfect low-maintenance routine that is effective in keeping up with rapid changes in skin.

Other ways to help support healthy skin include: regularly incorporating a facial gua sha practice, consuming enough water and electrolytes and staying on top of weekly exfoliation that remains gentle.

Basic Facial Care Routine