Effective Natural Deodorant

Our natural deodorants have been a most loved and staple product within our brand since 2012. Our long-time loyal clients have watched it evolve over the years with an update to its name back in 2017 and soon it will undergo a final transformation this summer that we're all so excited about. 

Although it sometimes is viewed with skepticism, we adore it and love that it wins hearts over after only one use. Formulated to remain gentle on skin, even when applied immediately after shaving, our natural deodorants help to wick sweat, neutralize odor and are pH balanced for optimal skin health, setting them apart from most of the industry. 

When dealing with skin irritations due to deodorant the best thing to do is to give your underarms a rest. We recommend to discontinue use of the product and wash gently with a lipid-based and pH-balanced soap. For skin that is in a reactive or ultra sensitive state, we recommend eliminating the use of essential oils for a period of time. While all of our soaps are gentle on skin, our Unscented Artisan Soap becomes the perfect cleanser for irritated skin as it is formulated without essential oils.

When approaching underarm hyperpigmentation it’s important to note that it can be caused by many factors including genetics, but a large number of people experience hyperpigmentation due to the cascading effect of inflammation. Known as Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation, discoloration of the skin can appear after the skin has undergone stress, i.e. an allergic reaction, excessive heat, alkaline burn, broken skin due to rash, itching, etc.

When this happens we recommend gently exfoliating the underarms with one of our sugar scrubs and rinsing with tepid water. Remember tha too much agitation and heat are also ways to exacerbate this response so make sure to soften the sugar scrub paste before applying to skin.

If you have been interested in switching to a plant-based deodorant but do not know where to starts, here are 3 reasons why our deodorant is different.

1. pH Balanced for Optimal Skin Health

Just like every other product that we formulated, our deodorants are balanced for optimal skin health. Although every body has a different skin chemistry and all skin is different, formulating products that are in a safe pH range helps to protect against harsh reactions. This means that the sodium bicarbonate used in the formulation is not like other brands because it is balanced in a way that it will not burn skin.

If you have experienced a negative reaction to products with this ingredient in the past it can be difficult to want to try another brand out of fear of causing irritation. For those who do not know, indicators of an alkali burn can be a stinging or burning sensation upon application, itchiness or even a rash-like reaction. Burns can appear reddish purple in lighter skin tones or show as different shades of brown in darker skin tones. 

2. Wicks Away Sweat + Neutralizes Odor

Keep in mind that a deodorant is not the same as an antiperspirant, so you will continue to perspire, but with the right formulation you should feel dry throughout the day. We achieve this by formulating with ingredients that are incredible at wicking away sweat, keeping you feeling confident and dry from morning to night.

Prolonged sweating interacting with the body’s natural bacteria can contribute to underarm odor. This is one reason why our natural deodorants are formulated to combat odor by wicking away and neutralizing odor before it becomes a thing. We find that a single application is enough for the day to prevent odor but they can be applied as often as desired. 

3. Fully Concentrated 

Other reactions that can manifest as raised and itchy skin may indicate a possible yeast infection in the underarm. This can happen for many reasons but can also be brought on by sugar or alcohol-based ingredients and preservatives disrupting the health of skin. Like many of our products, our natural deodorants are anhydrous and are not formulated with water or sugar-based ingredients.

What you can expect is a creamy application with a powdery finish on skin and a product that works to wick sweat and neutralize odor throughout the day. Still unsure if this product is right for you? You an always test out one of our sample minis before committing to a full-sized jar.