Brand Goals for 2023

As a formulator and manufacturer, we are constantly reflecting on how we do things and the impact we're making on our world as whole. 

When it comes to our brand, we only use biodegradable packing peanuts, recycled paper goods and biodegradable organic tea sachets in our retail shop and natural spa. In 2022 we made changes to reduce our footprint even more by moving plastic trash bags to biodegradable in our retail shop, natural spa and manufacturing lab alongside moving our toilet paper from paper to bamboo in our restrooms. While we put a huge emphasis on recycling, reusing and repurposing as much as we can we still have a small amount of waste annually.

For 2023 we have the intention to keep this momentum going with even more changes. We are anticipating two of our most beloved products, our Daily Face Polish and Natural Deodorants, to move from plastic to glass. With this packaging change, both products will undergo a slight reformulation to make them easier to use in cooler weather. While formulating with plant-based ingredients is something we will never change the downside is that there is variation from batch to batch and some ingredients can be a little fickle in a final formulation.

Take our Daily Face Polish, this is a honey-based enzymatic facial cleanser that gently removes excess dead skin cell to allow your hydrators to penetrate deeper into the dermis. The raw organic honey we source can have varying levels of glucose with each batch. When we have a high level of glucose in the final formulation, this is what causes the honey to crystallize in cooler temperatures. In our reformulation we are experimenting with methods to confuse this crystallization process so the final product will remain soft and easy to apply year round.

The second product we’ve been working on is our natural deodorant. While we absolutely LOVE this product the texture of it changes and can be a little too firm in the wintertime. Our reformulation has focused on softening the product to ensure it is easy to remove from the jar with an even application on skin but not too soft that it is messy to apply in the summertime.

We're excited for these changes and hope that you are too. These are our upcoming packaging and new product goals.


Daily Face Polish - reformulation/packaging change

Natural Deodorants - reformulation/packaging change

New Facial Masks to debut

Launch of our liquid soap alongside a refill container


Moisturizer Stick tube

Lip Balm tube

Moisturizer tube