What Does "Clean Beauty" Mean?

It seems like everyday there is a new product, a new brand, or a new trending ingredient to learn about. With so many options it can feel increasingly difficult to decide which brands to trust and which products are worthy of your investment. 

As a whole “Clean Beauty” is not a regulated term. Currently there are no legal parameters or official statement from our governing agency safeguarding this claim. This may come as a surprise as clean beauty products and brands alike have gained immense popularity in recent years. With a quick search, you can find an entire subcategory of cosmetics dedicated to this sphere of product, but what does it actually mean?

As the landscape of skincare and beauty continues to shift, we have noticed “clean” personal care products have an ever-evolving spectrum of ingredients that are deemed acceptable. This has lead to consumer confusion and brands needing to draw clear, definitive lines in the sand of what “clean” is to them. 

For us clean beauty is a defined absolute in everything we do. It’s part of our Brand Pillars and something that we have remained very strict about during formulation and manufacturing of our products since our opening in 2012. 

Clean beauty to us matches what at large the industry claims, that we do not produce products with ingredients that harm human health. Since day 1, we have gone a step further by maintaining digital traceability and transparency from Seed to Skin™ in all of our operations, so you, our clients, are able to trust the products we manufacture with confidence.

Our pledge to you:

  • We never use petrochemicals, phthalates, SLSs, synthetics, detergents, formaldehyde or fillers and source our plant-derived ingredients from independent organic farms around the world.
  • We are voluntarily registered with the FDA and strictly adhere to cGMP procedures at our independent manufacturing lab in Asheville, North Carolina.
  • We are Leaping Bunny® Certified, Cruelty Free® Certified, Living Wage Certified and all of our products are Made in the USA.
  • Our entire product line is searchable on EWG’s Skin Deep Database with a toxicity score of 1-3.

Clean beauty means that we are good stewards of the commitment we make to you. That we believe what you put on your skin matters. We are a skincare brand that creates plant-based products that are pH balanced, effective and good for everybody.™ By formulating and manufacturing with care at our independent lab, we ensure that only good goes into every bottle. 

We work hard to bring you products you feel good about using for yourself, your family and when gifting to others. Each day we work to mitigate our in-house and shipping waste and provide safe, equitable work environments for our associates. Clean beauty to us means we act with integrity and care from ingredient sourcing to final sale. We take pride in our transparency. 

    From the intention behind each organic ingredient to our unique formulations, we specialize in small batch production to ensure the highest quality and level of care for every product we manufacture. That is what clean beauty is to us.

    Thank you for supporting our mission, without you and your passion to find clean products we would not be here as a brand and for that, we are forever grateful.