How to Layer Body Hydrators

When it comes to our products we always recommend listening to your skin and layering from lightest to heaviest. We stripped apart this way of thinking in our How to Layer Facial Hydrators article at the beginning of the year for your facial routine and thought it no better time with the return of cold temperatures to address layering body hydrators.

While everyone has a different routine, providing skin with adequate hydration is a must, especially in the cooler month. Depending on your preference for viscosity we offer several nutrient-dense options, from a lightweight body oil all the way to a rich balm for intense dermal hydration and protection.

Each of our body hydrators provide their own level of skin nutrients, barrier protection and dermal hydration and work well with each other to keep skin healthy and balanced. When it comes to how and when to use each of these hydrators, we recommend layering when the weather is cooler, drier, or if traveling and sticking with lightweight products during humid months.

Body Oil

Within our product line we offer two different body oil formulations that act as a one-step hydrator with the bonus to relieve sore muscles and joints. Both of these provide rich arnica-based herbal infusions to promote circulation to reduce inflammation while working to hydrate and provide topical pain relief. If you prefer a richer texture, our Relax Bath & Body Oil is formulated with organic sunflower and sweet almond oil for deeper hydration that lingers for soft and supple skin without feeling sticky or greasy. If you prefer a weightless texture for your body hydrator, our Arnica Massage & Body Oil should be at the top of your list to try. Formulated with grapeseed oil, this “dry” oil makes this oil ultra lightweight in viscosity with a luxurious, lavender spearmint scent leaving skin adequately hydrated with a subtle glow.


We offer four varieties of body moisturizers to provide skin with lipid-based nutrients to replenish dehydration and improve uneven texture. Each moisturizer is formulated with organic oils to nourish deeply depleted skin and in turn help to reduce reactive skin and potential flare-ups. We recommend using moisturizers both in the morning and evening to help alleviate inflammation and improve dryness as these help replenish skin of necessary nutrients and prevent moisture loss and signs without feeling tacky or heavy on skin. If you need to restock on a great moisturizer we're partial to our Vanilla Mint Moisturizer as it is part of our limited release that supports our Seasonal Giveback Program™

Body Balm

If you are looking for a rich product to repair parched skin, we love our nourishing Bergamot & Lavender Body Balm. It is formulated to provide a strong occlusive barrier and is ultra hydrating to soothe chapped and overworked skin. Just like our entire collection of products, each ingredient we formulate with is essential and promotes overall skin health. Unrefined organic cocoa butter combined with other organic lipids and plant-based ceramides provide skin with an ultra-rich barrier to assist with improving moisture retention and redness while working to prevent moisture loss and signs of premature aging. While ingredients like cocoa butter and beeswax can feel heavy in some formulations it does not with this body balm, skin is left feeling soothed and protected without feeling greasy or sticky. This is our absolute favorite to help prevent scarring and stretch marks too.

When it comes to layering these products, start with the lightest and layer heavier ones on top, for example, body oil, then moisturizer and body balm on top. Try applying our body oil first to damp skin then combining a pinch of moisturizer and body balm together in hands to create a "body butter" consistency. This mix allows for effortless application and quick absorption.