Eczema + Plant-Based Skincare

Eczema, also known as Atopic Dermatitis, is a non-contagious skin irritation that can present as dry and itchy areas of skin that tend to become cracked and scaly in texture. This irritation can be found throughout the body and can affect all ages. Eczema can range in severity causing some to experience very minimal discomfort and others with extreme itchiness that may result in “weeping skin” leading to infections and scarring.

Physicians and estheticians alike agree that one of the best ways to mitigate skin's reactivity and help soothe eczema flare-ups is to use a hydrating and occlusive moisturizer daily. Keep in mind that skin inflammation can be triggered by more than what you’re putting on skin, diet, stress, extreme weather, genetics and other pre-existing allergies can all activate eczema. This means that what works for another may not work for you.

We know that finding effective products can feel daunting so we like to simplify this process by manufacturing products that help to uphold skin’s integrity through organic, lipid-based ingredients and formulations that are pH balanced to help target inflammation and soothe irritation. 

According to the National Eczema Society: “The best emollient [moisturizer] is the one you like, because then you will use it more often.” -- we couldn't agree more. Below are our top recommendations that we hope you absolutely adore to help give skin the reprieve it's looking for.

Face, Neck & Chest
For these delicate areas, we recommend our Basic Routine which includes a minimal yet effective facial routine to combat inflammation and irritation. This ritual includes a:

  • pH balanced cleanser that leaves skin feeling supple rather than taught and tight.
  • One-step moisturizer suitable for face and body that is fortified with skin-loving lipids.
  • Gentle yet effective hydrating weekly facial mask that helps to soothe inflamed skin.

If you prefer a protective facial moisturizer that works to help to restore skin’s barrier we recommend our Lavender Cold Cream. We love this product as it is formulated with nutrient dense organic oils and probiotics and has a rich texture to assist with improving moisture retention and skin redness.

Body + Hands
When it comes to the body and hands, we recommend the same approach as we do for the face, neck and chest but with different products. A balanced routine includes a daily cleanser, daily hydrator and a gently weekly exfoliant.

We love all of our artisan soaps for cleansing as they lather generously and provide an unequivocal clean without the dryness. They are formulated with organic plant oils to help nourish and soothe inflamed skin. When it comes to skin that feels inflamed or reactive, we recommend either our Unscented and Chamomile & Lavender as our go-to picks.

For a daily moisturizer, we build a routine with products that are both hydrating and occlusive which works to help provide skin with the nutrients it needs along with a protective barrier to keep moisture in. We recommend our Bergamot & Lavender Body Balm as a daily product that can used to help reduce flare-ups. It is formulated to with organic lipids and a strong protective barrier that helps to provide instant hydration, replenish parched or cracked skin and assist in soothing irritation. This product is rich so just a pinch goes a long distance.

We also love our Coconut & Lavender Baby Moisturizer as a daily use product. It is an ultra protective and nourishing moisturizer that promotes deep skin hydration for even the most sensitive skin. Formulated as a traditional, creamy moisturizer with a moderate protective barrier on skin, this one is our go-to for mild flare-ups or paired with our body balm to create a luxurious body butter consistency.

To build a balanced body routine, we recommend to include one of our sugar scrubs into your ritual as a gentle weekly exfoliant. This step is important as it helps to slough cellular debris allowing the lipids and ceramides in your cleanser and hydrators to penetrate deeper and work more efficiently at protecting skin. We hope you can build a new routine that bring you and your skin some much needed relief.