Not Your Mother's Cold Cream

A rich facial cream that provides antioxidants, probiotics, intense hydration and a strong barrier on skin for skin. It’s no wonder our Lavender Cold Cream has been a most loved product year after year. It’s not the cold cream your mother used– but she’ll love it.

A staple when traveling or after your weekly exfoliant, our Lavender Cold Cream is perfect in any routine as it nourishes skin. We love to use it alone or as a primer for makeup. It can be layered over our Evening Rose Facial Serum for additional hydration and protection and when used as a night cream it helps you awake with plump, refreshed skin.

So what really is a cold cream? Originating in the second century, Greek physician Galen formulated the first Cold Cream from oil, beeswax and rose hydrosol. Used commonly on Gladiators before a fight, the thick cream was applied to their overworked skin and as the water component evaporated a cooling sensation was experienced, thus getting its name “Cold Cream.”

We have applied the same principles to our formulation which is comprised of organic oils, organic beeswax, filtered water and a probiotic preservation system. Benefiting both the dermis and epidermis of skin our Lavender Cold Cream provides rich dual hydration while moisturizing and protecting against transepidermal water loss (TEWL). A win, win when it comes to a dynamic routine.

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Lavender Cold Cream