Facial Gua Sha

An excellent way to gently move lymphatic fluid for face, neck and chest and help encourage the natural detoxification processes. Adding this to your skincare ritual 1-2 times a month would be beneficial for congested or puffy skin and enlarged pores.

Aventurine | Quartz


How to Gua Sha

  • Use on freshly cleansed skin with nutrient dense facial oil. Keep the tool at an almost flat angle against the skin, applying gentle yet firm pressure.
  • Begin at the base of the neck, move upward incrementally towards the base of the chin.
  • Follow directional arrows from neck upward towards forehead then back down again.
  • Glide across skin 6-8 times for each area adjusting pressure around inflamed blemishes.
  • A gentle stretch with mild pressure is ideal for skin.

Avoid scraping. Do not use tool if damaged.

Mild reddening and warming is expected.

Gua Sha | Lymphatic Stimulation

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