What is Anti-Aging Skincare?

We receive many questions regarding which of our products are for "anti-aging" and which are not. While as a brand we fully embrace aging gracefully, our entire product line is formulated with total anti-aging effects in mind.

While there are many factors that further skin aging and not one product can turn back the clock, there are many formulations and ingredients that help to repair skin and prevent additional damage from occurring. Keep in mind that aging appears deep in the dermis, as well as topically, with a natural reduction in the production of collagen, elastin and reticular fibers as we get older. This deeper process is what sets the stage for the visual appearance of skin aging. This can show up as fine lines, deep inset wrinkles, slight discoloration or hyperpigmentation, lackluster and dull complexion as well as sensitive or reactive skin.

As a formulator, we find the best results come from consistent use of lipid-based or fat-soluble products and habitual stimulation of the lymphatic system and facial muscles. Although you will not find us providing claims of anti-aging, our passion is to formulate effective pH balanced products using organic lipids, plant-derived acids, phytoretinols and probiotics to provide skin with a full spectrum of necessary nutrients, minerals and protection against cellular degeneration, a contributor to visible signs of aging. Our ingredient standard is ultra high and we source organic lipids that are rich in vitamin A, E, C and phytoretinols to provide powerful results without the use of synthetic acids or retinoids that may not be bioavailable. 

One of our most loved facial hydrators is our Carrot & Rose Eye Repair. This product is a twice-daily moisturizing balm for the skin surrounding the eyes and can be applied from cheekbone to above the brows all the way out to the hairline as a band across the eyes. This product contains multiple phytoretinols that aid in cellular regeneration along with dermal hydrators and a rich barrier to keep skin hydrated, protected and plumped without the sensitivity of retinoids or retinols.

When it comes to facial exfoliants, both our Blue Green Algae Facial Mask and Bright Facial Mask are incredible companions to replenishing hydration in skin, repairing broken capillaries, and diminishing sun damage while giving skin a supple and plump feel. Like our other facial exfoliants, these two products have a powder consistency and are ready to blend with a pinch of water to make the perfect facial mask with a 5-minute dry time. 

For an overall body and face hydrator, we love to recommend our Chamomile Infused Moisturizer as it is a true moisturizer, not a lotion, providing deep dermal hydration with phytoretinols, probiotics and a moderate barrier against moisture loss. We love that this product has a light lavender scent, absorbs quickly and leaves a supple feel on skin.

While we know that we do not serve as a brand that works for everyone, what we offer works effectively at reducing signs of premature aging and supports the health and vitality of skin in all its seasons. If you decide to take on deeper anti-aging prevention our, Face and Body Collections play nice with other brands you choose because they are pH balanced for optimal skin health. Not sure how to incorporate a product into your ritual? Reach out and we will craft a personalized routine just for you.