Two Uses for Natural Deodorant

Bringing you luxurious, non-toxic products that perform is at the forefront of everything we do. We love that each of our products is formulated to be used and applied differently giving you varying results to fit your needs in every season. From our artisan soaps doubling as a gentle wash for your furry companion, to our sugar scrubs for all over body exfoliation and an exceptional lip scrub we enjoy bringing you a product line that pairs beautifully together to create well-rounded rituals for skin and home...and our natural deodorants are no different.

We find that our deodorants do an incredible job of traditional usage; diminishing perspiration and reducing unwanted odor, but there is a secondary way to utilize our natural deodorant that we love sharing.

Over the years our natural deodorant has become one of our favorite multi-faceted products for not only wicking sweat and keeping odor at bay, but our recommendation as an anti-chafing product. The same efficacy our natural deodorant has for the underarms makes it the perfect product to diminish irritation brought on by friction. Simply apply the desired amount to the area that experiences chafing and massage in allowing the product to naturally create a protective barrier that is anti-inflammatory. The cream to powder-finish keeps areas that may become damp dry and the antibacterial nature of this product helps to keep odor and infections down if broken skin does occur.

When experiencing irritated skin, from chafing or otherwise, we recommend gently washing with an artisan soap, our Chamomile & Lavender Baby Soap and Unscented varieties remain ultra gentle on sensitive skin while providing a thorough cleanse. We also love our Relax Bath & Body Oil infused with our organic herbal trio to help soothe inflammation and help promote wound healing via organic arnica, calendula and chamomile.