PTO & Paid Maternity Leave

For those who may not know, I've worked for a handful of small businesses since I was in my very early teens. I was motivated to find my independence at a young age and witnessed many different business practices over the years. Some good and some not so good.

The one thing that remained true is that I always learned something new along the way and always connected deeply with the business owner.

When I started this company I knew that I wanted to create an environment where our future crew could thrive and feel fulfilled each and every day.

We have spent the past week talking about what it is like to work for this brand on social media and wanted to share a little snippet of what PTO and Paid Maternity Leave means to two of our associates

Ali | For me, PTO each year means I have time off to get away and visit with family who we don't see often. Over the past 2 years we have turned this time into a little family beach trip as well, with a little one this time is precious.

I think it's so important to have the ability to step away from work for a little bit to recharge and experience something new. The daily grind of being a working parent can be a lot and Christi truly understands this and tries to incorporate it into our weekly schedules so nobody feels burned out. I am so beyond grateful to be part of such an amazing small crew of women who truly get that family is everything and we support each other always!

Liz | I have welcomed 2 babies into the world during my time at C&Co. and because of the generous Paid Maternity Leave I never once was stressed about those first few months postpartum. Thoughts like, "Am I going to lose my job?", "Who would care for my baby?", "How would I work and have a newborn and also breastfeed?" didn’t cross my mind because I was able to be home with my sons and truly heal, rest, and be present and get into the flow of this new life. As a mother too, I feel Christi is truly aware of the challenges of motherhood and she knows how precious and important that time is, especially in the beginning for both mom and baby. A big thank you to Christi for giving me the gift of time with my children.

When it comes to PTO, Christi actually WANTS us to take time off, guilt free. To relax, reset, checkout, whatever fills up our cup and replenishes our souls. She sees the big picture and knows that we’re all better in every way when we have that time away from our work lives. My family tries to go away at least twice a year to the beach, it’s our happy place.

Honoring our crew by providing these benefits and respecting scheduling boundaries ensures that each associate thrives at work without having to compromise their personal lives. This is important in finding a balance to it all.