Our Crew

Christi Apodaca | Founder C&Co.®

Christi Apodaca | Founder

A natural born entrepreneur, I forged a path in the business world by creating a truly plant-based skincare company that believes luxurious, non-toxic skincare products should be available to all through the employment of sustainable business practices.

The cosmetic industry was inundated with brands that did not fulfill the key elements that were vital to me in a product: non-toxic ingredients, truth in labeling, long-term effectiveness and a luxurious feel on skin. After years of searching and realizing that I was not alone in this pursuit, I decided to create my own line and thus C&Co.® was born.

I approach formulation by breaking a product down to what it should be, rather than what it is currently. Each product is stripped to the simplest components, then built into the best version of itself. I was determined to create a skincare line comprised of plant-based and skin-nourishing ingredients.

While C&Co.® is ever-evolving, expanding and improving, I maintain laser focus on running an ethical business with unwavering ingredient & formulation standards. I hope that our chemistry + plant-based approach to skincare is a difference that you can see and feel on skin.

Liz Schoenberg | Lab & Production Manager

Liz Schoenberg | Director of Manufacturing | joined our crew in 2017

1. Where are you from? Originally from the Finger Lakes area in upstate NY 

2. What led you to Asheville? I had been living in the NYC area to fulfill a dream of working in manhattan for a prestigious chef. I quickly found out that I was in fact not a city person and the job was completely glamorized and burn out soon followed. My now husband and I took a weekend away in Asheville to sort of reset and decide what was next for us. We felt something special here right away, a connection to nature and the ability to easily "escape/sign off" but also access to great restaurants and social activities etc. We decided that weekend that we would go back and quit our jobs and move. And that is in fact what we did. 10 years later we are still so happy to have made that decision. 

3. When is your star sign? Gemini

4. What keeps you sane outside of work? Spending time gardening and creating a comfortable inviting home. Playing with my kids, with no motive, direction or plan.  Making lists so my mind can be at ease. 

5. Podcasts, books or silence? If podcast or book, what are you reading/listening to right now? I listen to podcasts while I work about half the time. Most recently Armchair Expert and Honestly. The other half of the time I enjoy the silence. 

6. What is your single most favorite product? It is SO hard to pick one.The one product I can't live without is lip balm. But my most favorite product to use is Daily Facial Polish.

7. Anything else you would like to share? I have been with C&Co. for a bit over 5 years now and it is a joy to come to work each day and be surrounded by such an incredible group of women. I want to shout from the rooftops how grateful I am to be a part of this team and share how special of a place C&Co. and its crew is, especially our leader, Christi. It has been life changing for me to be a part of something that is so honest, authentic and supportive. 

Ali Pinto | Lead Retail Associate

Ali | Director of Operations | joined our crew in 2018

1. Where are you from? South Florida 

2. What led you to Asheville? I moved to Asheville with my family back in 2006

3. When is your sign? Taurus

4. What keeps you sane outside of work? Spending time in the sunshine, taking care of my plants, self care and late afternoon walks with my daughter. 

5. Podcasts, books or silence? If podcast or book, what are you reading/listening to right now? Organic Olivia's podcast called What's the Juice, she is simply amazing! I feel empowered to make positive changes in my life every time I tune in. 

6. What is your single most favorite product? Daily Face Polish. It's a treat to use every morning!

7. Anything else you'd like to share? Things I like to do for self care; dry brush & gua sha to move lymph, baths, weekly hair mask & scalp massage, going on walks, taking my herbs & supplements and remembering to not be so hard on myself if I need a rest day from all of it. 

Casey West | Lab Associate

Casey West | Manufacturing Lab Associate | joined our crew 2021

1. Where are you from? I was born and raised in Asheville, NC

2. When is your star sign? Sagittarius

3. What keeps you sane outside of work? Being outside and exploring the outdoors with my two little boys keep me sane outside of work.

4. Podcasts, books or silence? If podcast or book, what are you reading/listening to right now? Both. I’ve been listening to Morbid - a true crime podcast for months at the manufacturing lab now and I save it exclusively to listen to at the lab! If I ever need a switch up my go-to is Harry Potter on audio book because it’s my happy place. 

5. What is your single most favorite product? Hands down the face polish, it has helped my skin heal so much since I’ve started using it.