Who is C&Co.®? | Meet our Crew

At first glance you may not realize it's a small team that keeps C&Co.® going. There are a lot of moving parts and pieces to operate our independent lab, shop, website, and plant-based Natural Spa and it’s only possible with the hard work and dedication of our crew.

We are a busy team of six that make up the different facets of this brand, all passionate about plant-based skincare. Each crew member brings such an incredible skill set to the table, from trained pastry chef to botanist to economist and estheticians. We are so proud to work alongside these women every day. 

At our lab Liz and Casey, two hardworking mamas, are the glue of all we do. At this location we formulate, manufacture and bottle our brand. From there every product is connected to a digital paper trail from Seed to Skin™ to ensure that from ingredient to final product, our formulations are traceable and fully transparent.  


When it comes to our lab and the manufacturing of all our products, Liz is the one who takes the reins. She has been with us since 2017 and has an eye for detail, exceeding our incredibly high standard and keeps up with our growing demand. She is witty, kind and has a gentle presence that is so authentic. Liz is a proud mama who was the catalyst for our 3-month paid-maternity leave, a benefit we are so ecstatic to offer as a small business.


Casey is our Manufacturing Lab Associate and joined our crew in 2021, She has taken on the role of product finalization and is in charge of labeling, shrink-wrapping, batching and quality control of our final products along with rotation and lab inventory. Additionally, she receives packaging and ingredient inventory, processes our raw ingredients for manufacturing and has stepped into assisting with manufacturing over the past year. She is a person who is deeply rooted in life and relationships, always showing up when you need her. We have learned and benefited so much from having Casey as part of our crew.

At our downtown shop Ali and Daniela, our two retail superstars, are so incredibly warm and welcoming, always going above and beyond for our clients on the retail floor.


Ali is our Lead Retail Associate and has worked for larger retailers in the past, bringing such a wide range of industry knowledge to our retail floor. We love her calming presence and her sense of humor. She joined our crew back in 2018 and keeps the retail and natural spa humming beautifully. Additionally, when it comes to hiring new associates she is our trainer and a lead with client correspondences. Chances are if you've reached out to our support email you've received an email back from her. 



Chloe joined our crew in 2017 and her role has evolved over time. Being brought on as a Retail Associate and Esthetician she worked alongside Christi to build out our Natural Spa and the treatments we offer. If you've ever been to our Natural Spa chances are you had a treatment with her. Most recently she followed her heart back to family and works remotely as our Marketing & Communications Lead with the focus of building client relationships online. While we are so sad that we no longer see her daily we are so grateful she has decided to stay part of our crew as she made a big life transition. 


Christi founded C&Co.® in 2012 and each one of us has the privilege of working alongside her. She is a hands-on business owner that stands in the gap when her company or associates are in need. You can find her in the lab formulating, manufacturing or labeling products or on the retail floor connecting with clients about this brand and all that we have to offer. She is our energizer bunny, our unending support and gives so much value and purpose to what others may see as only a retail job. 

This brand is so much more than skincare. Our crew has created a safe place full of empowerment, positivity, and encouragement which radiates when clients enter our shop. We truly find it an honor to be part of so many people’s daily lives and routines. 

Thank you so much for supporting our brand, our crew and their families over the many years, we’re so very grateful.