How to Adjust your Routine for Summer

With summer busy ushering in heat, and humidity, sweating is prevalent and the use of sunblock is a must. It comes every year– skin begins to feel weighed down, congested and dull. It’s important to make adjustments to your routine navigating environmental changes so skin can remain balanced and able to combat stressors and toxins which can compromise the health of your skin's ability to regenerate and protect itself.

Here are our go-to tips to help you adjust your routine as we shift into the warmer season.

Cleanse Daily

The basics of cleansing daily is essential to the health of skin. This step allows products, environmental toxins and excess sebum to be lifted up and off of skin. Cleansing helps keep breakouts and uneven texture at bay and allows your other facial routine steps to be more effective. 

We recommend that your cleanser is pH balanced and provides hydration to skin. Experiencing dryness and tightness after cleansing is a sign your products may not be pH balanced and it could be time to look for a new cleanser. We formulate our products so the skin nutrients are able to penetrate to the dermis of skin and provide nourishment keeping skin dryness and tightness from becoming a normal feeling for skin.

Switch Usage of Rich Hydrators

If you’re using our Lavender Cold Cream or a rich hydrating product in your daily routine, you may find benefit in switching it to be your night cream, or to once weekly after exfoliation during the warmth of summer. This swap provides skin with the nutrients for repair overnight without it feeling too heavy with the heat of the day. Everyone’s skin is in need of different hydrators and you may feel like your skin drinks in and is in need of the richness. If this is the case for you, we hope you continue to use it as you see fit. For those that are experiencing new breakouts or buildup in pores, making this swap will help reduce any potential for skin congestion or breakouts.

If you are unsure of how to layer facial hydrators check out our breakdown here.

Exfoliate Consistently

Exfoliating once weekly on the same day will elevate your routine. We recommend using a gentle pH balanced clay mask for this step as it will encourage cellular turnover and help your cleansers and hydrators to work more effectively and penetrate deep into skin. Be aware that exfoliation is considered anything that removes the topmost layer of the epidermis; the stratum corneum. This includes masks, peels, microdermabrasion, acids, retinol, scrubs, and the use of any facial brushes. If you’re using a product that is abrasive or has a texture to it like a scrub, we suggest making a switch and moving this product to be your body exfoliant so it is not wasted. Granular exfoliants run the risk of being too harsh on skin and can cause micro-tears that lead to premature aging and a damaged acid mantle. As always we recommend a non-granular exfoliant to encourage a healthy cellular turnover without causing damage. If you are looking for something a bit stronger for once a month exfoliation we now offer our four professional-grade facial exfoliants to support skin health and its glow. 

Check In Daily

You know more than anyone how your skin is feeling. By having a daily check-in will help you understand how to approach your routine each day. Are you feeling dry? Noticing any flakiness? Does the bridge of your nose have a gummy feeling? What about build up in pores? Take some time to run your fingers over your skin and from there you’ll be able to make adjustments in your routine confidently.