Up, Up and Away...

August 21, 2019

Up, Up and Away... | C&Co.® Handcrafted Skincare

Two years ago we embarked on our first ever trade show in NYC, Indie Beauty Expo. Like many trade shows, the purpose of this event was to showcase our brand in front of many large cosmetic buyers and retailers.

This was to be THE turning point within the company.

We decided to attend and immerse ourselves in the experience knowing wholeheartedly that our true pathway was to be a different one.

During the process of preparing for IBE we decided to join the VIP list and add our products to each of the 350 bags set to be given out. We offered a mini 4-piece facial care set including our cleansing milk, toner, mask and serum. While it was a tedious process, it felt right.

We had an amazing time in NYC and truly enjoyed all that IBE presented to us. We met amazing people and our brand peeked real interest among large retailers. After it was all said and done, I knew 100% what we needed to do. When we returned to Asheville, we decided to stick with our initial gut instinct and closed each and every one of our wholesale accounts.

From there, we were able to focus on two potential pathways that were where we truly wanted to be.

It took just over a year but we opened our second retail location and first ever natural spa in Biltmore Village in 2018. Just about one year later, we are moving our downtown location just across the street and opening our second natural spa in the heart of downtown Asheville, where it all began.

The creation of our Natural Spa was just an idea I had for over 3 years before it came to fruition. This was just one of the two pathways we were focused on after IBE.

What is the second one you ask? It is about to blossom and when it does you all will be the first ones we tell.

photo: manufacturing our Evening Rose Facial Serum at our independent lab in West Asheville


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