Self-Care During Travel

With holiday travel at our heels, setting ourselves up for enjoyable experience means putting our self-care as a priority. While we love to travel it can be a draining both mentally and physically which is why we wanted to share our self-care travel essentials.

Hot Tea

We recommend bringing along your favorite hot tea that focuses on what you need most. We tend to gravitate towards relaxing tea blends. Think Lavender, Lemon Balm and Chamomile for calming frayed nerves. Or opt for green tea blends for a subtle, clear energy that keeps your energy level. Plus, having these on hand will help keep you hydrated as you transition through your travels.

Small Luxuries

Making room for little everyday luxuries like aromatherapy + skin loving moisturizers can make all the difference when traveling. We believe that our shower mists are a must-have bringing a sense of calm to your daily shower ritual when you’re away from home.
Our second little luxury is our Rosemary & Lavender Moisturizer Stick. This product is TSA-friendly and is formulated with nutrient dense organic oils to repair and protect skin and doubles as a lip hydrator when needed.


Before heading out the door be sure to download your favorite podcasts and update your playlists. This way you will have them even when there is a disruption to service, which is inevitable. We tend to listen to audiobooks when traveling or venture into the realm of mindfulness and breathwork. If you are new to this we have a blog you can check out on the importance of incorporating mindful in to your life.

Bring your Non-Negotiables  

If you caught our blog 3 Tips to Avoid Breakouts you know how important it is to cleanse and hydrate before bed. When traveling these two steps are even more essential for keeping your skin balanced and hydrated. We find that when you keep up on your skincare routine you tend to feel more like yourself during your travels.