Q&A with the Founder

With C&Co.'s 10 year anniversary coming up our excitement is building. We've been swapping stories about our journeys with this company as associates. Something we all have in common is the positive impact Christi has had on our lives and our strong respect for how she runs her company. We thought we'd take this opportunity to share with you a quick Q&A with Christi as we're officially within our anniversary month.

How did you come up with C&Co.®?
C&Co.® was born from a precursor brand I started in Tallahassee, FL. At the time plant-based beauty was not a thing and the cosmetic industry was inundated with brands that did not fulfill the elements that were important to me: non-toxic ingredients, truth in labeling, long-term effectiveness, and a luxurious feel on skin so I created the brand I wanted to use.
As we moved to Asheville in 2012, my goal was to take the framework of this cottage company, rebrand it and open a brick-and-mortar shop in downtown where we would manufacture our products in shop before and after hours.

Where does the brand name come from?
The brand name is something that I used when writing emails. I have always preferred to email over social media and would connect with long-winded digital notes to those I loved and would sign them “C&Co.”
At the time, this stood for my husband, our rambunctious two dogs, our loving cat, and of course, myself. Over the years it has morphed into standing for all those who have worked alongside of me, challenged me, supported me and helped me create this dream. I can confidently say that every person along the way has taught me something so profound that it helped shift and shape the company that we are now. The way I honor their contributions is with including them as forever part the Co.

What does it mean to see company growth?
For me, growth means that plant-based beauty is viable and ever-so important.
In the very beginning the conversation felt more like me having to convince potential clients of the scientific effectiveness of plants. Now clients come in wanting to talk about ingredients they have recently discovered or seek out our support with a new routine.
I love how this brand is so much more than skincare. We have created a safe place full of empowerment, positivity, and encouragement which radiates from all of us when clients enter our shop. It truly is an honor to be part of so many people’s daily lives and routines.

What keeps you going?
The deep connections with our clients. My desire to help others find safe products for themselves and their families. Our dedicated crew. My passion for this brand. 
Without the support of our clients, we would not be here as a brand. I love how over the years I have personally met and connected with so many of our clients. I love how we have been there for each other through all of life’s challenges providing support at just the right moment. I absolutely love creating routines for our clients. I love witnessing their progress and seeing their confidence grow in knowing what their skin needs and when it needs it.
I love having a crew that is so damn dedicated it makes my heart swell with pride. I love watching their families grow and integrate into our brand family so seamlessly. Their devotion to what we do and is what makes us who we are today. They are the Co.
Lastly, I love this brand. I have so many goals which may or may not come to fruition, but they keep me motivated and constantly striving to build a better company for all.

We are beyond grateful you are here to celebrate with us. There is so much that we are excited to share with you this month and in the years to come. 

all of us at C&Co.®