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What you put on your skin matters.

C&Co.® is a skincare brand that creates plant-based products that are pH balanced, effective and good for everybody.™ By formulating and manufacturing with care, we ensure that only good goes into every bottle.

As a formulator we approach product development the same way; determine what it is by definition, break it down and then build it back up again. We select ingredients that are environmentally sustainable and provide a full spectrum of skin nutrients to formulate a final product that is effective and pH balanced for optimal skin health.

As a manufacturer we control what goes into each and every product. With our highly curated plant-based ingredients we rely on small batch production to ensure the highest quality and level of care for every product formulated, manufactured and bottled at our independent lab in West Asheville.

For every raw ingredient delivered to our lab we receive a Certificate of Analysis. This ensures that every ingredient is pure and not adulterated or contains hidden petrochemicals or preservatives. From there every product we manufacture is connected to a digital paper trail from Seed to Skin™ to ensure that from ingredient to final product, our formulations are traceable and fully transparent.