New Formulation | Daily Face Polish

It has been a busy year for us. We have released four new facial exfoliants, an improved natural deodorant and we have finally made it through impatiently counting down the days until the reformulation of our best selling Daily Face Polish is here.

Daily Face Polish, our first ever product and the inspiration for this brand, has been our number one above all else for several years now. This honey-based enzymatic cleanser is an effective way to start your morning, ensuring a smooth texture, balanced tone and light hydration after you cleanse. We like to think of it as our morning "skin prep" before our twice-daily facial serum

If you’ve tried our Daily Face Polish before you’re sure to notice the jar has always been ¾ of the way full and the consistency is always changing based on which batch you purchase due to the nature of raw honey. While we personally love the fluctuations as it reminds us of how diverse nature truly is, we know it can be a frustrating occurrence not knowing what to expect.

So we made the improvement we know you’ve been waiting for…

We added a plant-based ingredient that reduces the crystallization and we’re filling the jar all the way to the top.

This reformulation removes the potential of crystallization without pasteurizing the honey we source. We will continue to formulate with raw, organic honey, as pasteurizing this ingredient would be a huge disservice to the amazing minerals and enzymes found in raw honey and would also diminish the efficacy of the product.

When purchasing our reformulated Daily Face Polish you can expect the same great results you have over the years and this time it’s in a glass jar. Housing this product in glass has been a longtime dream of ours to work to reduce our plastic consumption. You’ll find it’s in a larger jar, lasting longer and without the fuss of working to melt down the crystals of honey that are too abrasive for facial skin. Keep in mind, our Daily Face Polish has not ever relied on the abrasion of crystalized honey in order to be effective. We are so happy to offer you a product that is smooth in consistency until the end.

We hope you love this change as much as we do. This product remains our go-to non-abrasive, enzyme cleanser for the morning that is easily added to even the most established routines. We don’t have a doubt it will continue to be our number one selling product for the years to come. Get your jar here.

Daily Face Polish product displayed with a glass bowl and spoon