Glimmers of Self-Care

It has been a busy summer season for us! We have launched seven new formulations for you to enjoy, four of which are new products and three that are reformulations with an update to packaging moving from plastic to glass. We have completed these goals alongside the opening of our new Sale Collection where products in this collection are changed weekly. We have also launched our brand rewards + referral program where you earn $5 for every $100 spent and $5 for every new referral you send our way. We look at this program as a way to say thank you for loving what we do and for sharing our brand with others.

As a brand we have also re-opened a new distribution channel allowing a collection of our product to be offered at other spas and retailers that align with our mission. We've packaged online orders to greet you at your door and have seen so many lovely faces visiting our shop during summer travels to Asheville. It has been an abundant summer that we hold so much gratitude for.

As the season begins to shift we are holding onto glimmers in our day-to-day. Below are just a few of these from our crew that have felt like a warm embrace. We hope you are finding ways to slow down, take note of glimmers and start your next season feeling refreshed and excited for what is to come.

  1. Sitting in the morning sun unrushed
  2. Sipping your favorite drink at your favorite coffee shop
  3. Seeing a dear friend by surprise
  4. Watching the flicker of fireflies at sunset
  5. A soak in the tub after a full day