Exfoliation in the Cooler Months

As we transition to winter, providing deep hydration with an occlusive barrier is essential to help prevent chapped skin that can also be dermally parched.

While we encourage using a total body hydrator all throughout the year, incorporating a richer product, like one of our moisturizers or balms, is essential to prevent topical and dermal dryness in the cooler months. Much like how you layer clothing with the change of the seasons, the same goes for your body care routine. While you can get away with a lightweight hydrator in the summer, you will need to layer products with a richer barrier on top to prevent transepidermal water loss (TEWL) once the temperatures begin to plummet. This product layering helps to give skin the nutrients it needs to repair any damage along with the protection against the winter elements.

Much like what we recommend with a balanced facial routine, in order for these rich hydrators to work effectively we must remove excess cellular debris and buildup. We like to recommend incorporating a gentle yet effective body exfoliant for this step which allows for a healthy cellular turnover. When used consistently into your routine, this weekly exfoliant will help your rich and concentrated hydrators absorb to the dermis where they are needed to nourish and hydrate skin.

We find the best approach is to pick a day that works for your schedule and stick with it each week. Our water-activated body exfoliants have been formulated for this purpose with each jar lasting about four months of use when incorporated weekly. If you’re already using this product in your routine, dry brushing is a great way to diversify weekly exfoliation with additional lymphatic support for healthy skin.