4 Ways to Use Sugar Scrubs

Incorporating a weekly sugar scrub to your body care routine is a great way to support vibrant, supple skin throughout the year. We select sugar as an ingredient for this product as it provides both chemical and physical exfoliation while remaining gentle on skin and encouraging healthy cellular renewal. We offer three mainstay varieties of our body exfoliants; Bergamot & Coriander, Lavender and Rosemary & Mint. We love how versatile they can be in any routine and love to follow them up with a lightweight body hydrator like our Arnica Massage & Body Oil after incorporating them into our weekly routine. If you're new to body exfoliants, we recommend these four ways to use our product so you can get the most out of it. 

1. Hyperpigmentation

If missed our article earlier in early July, consistent use of a pH balanced body exfoliant is an excellent way to encourage soughing superficial hyperpigmentation from tanned summer sun. Because this product is water-activated, we recommend applying to wet skin on a weekly basis to support healthy cellular turnover rate and follow with your favorite body hydrator

2. Balance Hydration

With routine exfoliation for the body, your skin is primed and ready to receive nutrient-dense hydration. If you are finding that your creams and body oils are sitting more topically on skin then incorporating an exfoliant will help provide the pathway for lipid based products to penetrate deeply into skin revealing balanced, supple skin from head to toe.

3. Post Wax and Shaving Care

Two to three days after waxing you can apply our body exfoliants to the treated area. When using this product post-wax we recommend softening the texture of the scrub by placing the quantity needed and adding just a pinch of hot water. From there, gently stir to release the heat and until the texture of the scrub becomes a slurry. When applying, let the mixture rest on skin for 3-4 minutes to allow for light chemical exfoliation to take place. This process helps to soften the intensity of the sugar when applying to delicate areas and will help alleviate irritation and the formation of ingrown hairs.

This tip can also be used to reduce irritation and ingrown hairs that may occur after shaving.

4. Lip Scrub

We love that our body exfoliants are multi-purpose making them perfect for the body and as a lip scrub. Simply apply a small amount of to lips, massage with a pinch of water in a gentle, circular motion and rinse to reveal supple, even textured lips. Make sure to follow with your favorite lip balm for extra hydration and protection.