Why We Love Our Shaving Oil

Described as a one-step pre-shave + shave oil, this product also is a great aftershave that provides non-comedogenic hydration. We prefer to use our shaving oil instead of shaving cream as it is formulated to quickly soften hair, reduce irritation or dryness with prolonged use and is free of preservatives

Shaving Oil Ingredients

Our formulation provides a close shave that is free of nicks and cuts as it contains nutrient dense organic oils and glycerin. These plant-based oils work to quickly soften hair while glycerin is a hypoallergenic barrier protectant that helps the razor glide without irritation and allows the razor to rinse clean. Both categories of ingredients support the hydration of skin which in turns diminishes razor burn and skin sensitivity when shaving frequently and it is safe for all-over the body and the face.

Recommended Directions:

  1. Dispense pumps Juniper Berry & Lavender Shaving Oil into a cupped palm.
  2. Blend between hands and apply to wet skin.

  3. Shave, rinse and pat dry.

  4. If desired add a lightweight moisturizer or toner aftershave.