What is our Manufacturing Process?

When it comes to the quality and safety standards of our product line, traceability from Seed to Skin™ is paramount to all that we do. As a formulator and manufacturer, tracking and tracing all raw materials throughout our entire manufacturing process is essential to help us identify and address any issues that may arise from batch to batch. For us, an effective way to achieve this traceability is by assigning batch numbers to every product we manufacture.

To keep our unique manufacturing process on track, our production schedule is key. Based on demand we create this schedule week-to-week ensuring we are meeting the demand of our clients without compromising the shelf-life of our plant-based products.

With each batch we manufacture, we digitally connect the lot numbers of raw material with the manufacturing record of that specific batch by assigning it a batch number, which is the date of manufacturing. For us this number serves two purposes, it allows us to see exactly which raw materials were used in the batch, which then connects to a certificate of analysis, and secondly, it allows us to showcase the date of manufacturing so the products' shelf-life can be easily determined.

Diving into the topic of shelf-life, we recommend using our skincare products within 12 to 18 months of the manufacturing date in order to have the freshest for your skin. It is important to note that once an item is open, oxidation is a true possibility. While oxidation can happen with synthetics too, it is vital to know that plant-based materials are less stable and when exposed to air, this is what begins to degrade the quality of the organic lipids.

If we take a moment and think about the delicate nature of plants over synthetics, it makes sense why as a brand we limit what we make per batch and why we sometimes run out of a product. The good new is that when this happens, you can rest assured that any out of stock products will be added to our next production schedule and make their return to our shelves by that Friday.