What is a "Base Layer" Serum + How Do You Use It?

We talk about this product being our "base layer" throughout the year but what does that really imply? For our skincare line, that means that our Evening Rose Facial Serum is to be the first product applied to face, neck and chest just after cleansing, both in the morning and the evening.

When we formulated our one and only facial serum we decided that we needed this product to be 100% plant-based + concentrated while providing skin nutrients that act as a lightweight barrier, like a moisturizer, and leaving skin with a balanced matte finish. This product is just that.

I use our serum twice a day and a single bottle lasts me 9 months. During the summer, I use this and only this product as my "moisturizer". During the spring, fall and winter I will use our serum as a base then layer a pea-sized amount of our Lavender Cold Cream on top for extra protection against wind and transepidermal water loss (TEWL). If you think of adding layers to your skincare routine like you do your wardrobe when the weather cools, you can achieve adequate dermal hydration without the potential for congestion and breakouts. Definitely a win, win.