Travel Essentials

When the time comes to pack your bags and head off on a travel adventure do you bring your entire skincare routine or just the essentials? I like to stick with the basics, but I always bring along the non-negotiables.

In addition to packing my essentials, I have a pre-travel routine to reduce the potential for congestion while I am away. To keep my skin looking great I use our weekly exfoliant after cleansing the night before leaving town. This way my skin feels fresh and ready to accept all the intense hydrators I layer on before I hit the road.
Changes to humidity, water consumption, stress and diet all can affect skin negatively which is why I relax my routine to only cleansing in the evenings with our cleansing milk when I'm away. I find that the “less is more” approach is a great pause for skin to find its own balance plus this product removes everything in one step without leaving skin tight or taut.

After cleansing I hydrate with our Lavender Cold Cream. This product is versatile and can be your one and only facial moisturizer in your bag. It is formulated as a nutrient dense hydrating cream that can be used both as your night cream and as a makeup primer during the day. We like to recommend applying as dots to face, neck and chest then blending on skin for an even application.
For me, a familiar scent while showering can soothe any frazzled nerves which is why I never leave home without our Lavender, Cedarwood & Sage Artisan Soap. Our body cleansers are formulated with organic oils to nourish skin deeply while cleansing gently. I also love that this product is a bar, not a liquid, and can easily be packed in a canvas drawstring bag to allow it to air dry while on the go.
And lastly, while I wish I could say that I always bring a bottle of moisturizer, I like to keep things simple and only bring our moisturizer stick on most of my travels. I love that it's easy to apply, does not melt and can be used anywhere.