Top 5 Gift Ideas

Finding the perfect gift for those you love can be a little tricky, especially if they are fortunate enough to have all they need. Our recommendation always includes the basics and consumables instead of novelty items.

Year after year this list includes these top 5 must-haves from our plant-based skincare line:

1. Artisan Soap | Everyone needs soap and our bars are ultra hydrating, create a large lather and last about a month of use.

2. Lip Balm | We need a barrier to prevent parched lips and our lip balm does just that with epidermal +dermal hydrating organic oils.

3. Moisturizer |Our body moisturizers are silky, not greasy and penetrate deeply to provide concentrated hydration for all skin layers.

4. Shower Mist | Aromatherapy for the shower with each bottle lasting a year.

5. Moisturizer Stick | Portable, on-the-go, travel friendly all over moisturizing stick.