The Importance of Lipid-Based Skincare

We believe hydrating skin with lipids is one of the best things you can do for yourself, no matter your age or skin concern. Skin is a lipid bilayer, meaning it is lipophilic, and needs lipids (oils) in order to truly thrive. Lipid or oil-based products penetrate deep into skin providing essential vitamins and minerals to balance sebum, soothe underlying redness, retain moisture and promote skin's elasticity.

Unfortunately, most skincare products are formulated to fix a problem, i.e. dry, aging, acne prone, etc. rather than support the natural rhythms of skin. When we choose these options skin becomes stuck in a broken cycle, trying to repair the damage that is being caused. You can see this shift in skin health through an overproduction of sebum (natural skin oil), redness, reactively, skin sensitivity and bumps that seem to make no sense.

When you choose differently and seek to incorporate lipid-based products into your routine that are ideally pH balanced, your skin becomes supported and finds its natural vibrant rhythm.

If you are new to plant-based skincare, we are so glad you're here. Our entire product line is lipid-based and pH balanced to support you from head to toe. If you are trying to pinpoint potential skin disruptors and imbalances we would love to help you on your journey. Connect with us through our Skincare Concierge detailing your current routine and we will create a custom ritual that works for you and your lifestyle.