Summer Ready Skin

The sun is staying out later and later, flowers bloom and vibrant new leaves unfurl in celebration of the new season...

It's safe to say we're witnessing the surrounding mountains shake off their winter coats. I find myself just as eager to shed my layers and embrace the warmer weather. But if you’re anything like me, you have been bundled up for months. Although it’s exciting to unpack warm weather clothes I remind myself that my skin has gone through a winter of its own. Constricted under layers for months, inconsistently cared for and primarily forgotten about with the exception of a glimpse in between changes or when I hop into the shower.

Our skin is in need of some serious detox and exfoliation.

Cellular build up and harsh residue from our clothing has lead to dull, sallow, and possibly even itchy skin that is not quite summer ready. It’s time to lay the groundwork for sunny days!

My Go-To Tips

1. Dry Brushing

Great for all over body exfoliation before you bathe. Simply brush gently over skin in the direction of the heart. Not only are you providing ample topical exfoliation you are also aiding in lymphatic drainage that helps your body detox as a whole.

*Most brushes for the body can be too coarse for décolleté (upper chest), neck & face, so be sure to have a separate exfoliating practice for more delicate areas. I look for brushes made from natural materials (bamboo is a favorite), and have found success locating them at local health food stores.

2. Gentle Weekly Exfoliation

Gentle exfoliation is key to encourage healthy cellular turnover and necessary moisture retention in skin. Our sugar scrubs are formulated with antioxidant-rich cold-pressed organic oils and essential oils that leave you feeling nourished & hydrated -- never stripped. These powdery scrubs are water activated, gently buffing away excess dead skin cells without damage to the dermis. Results can be felt and seen immediately, we recommend using our scrubs once a week on body.  

Pro Tip: Over exfoliating can lead to dermal dehydration and a breakdown in the integrity of skin & of the acid mantle. We recommend picking your favorite exfoliating practice and sticking with it weekly to prevent double exfoliating.

3. Polish Away Excess Impurities in the AM

With warmer months the use of sunblock increases and with the natural accruement of sweat it may feel necessary to exfoliate more frequently to rid yourself of that sticky feeling. To reduce excess build-up without over-exfoliating we recommend using our Daily Face Polish as your morning facial cleanser. The natural acidic nature of honey reduces the surface tension between build-up and skin leaving your skin soft, supple and free of excess congestion. Try using the Polish as a mini-mask in the morning; apply to wet skin and leave on while you brush your teeth, pour your coffee or tea, and then come back to rinse it off.

4. Toner, Toner + More Toner

Used to refresh in the morning and throughout the day, our Sweet Orange & Rose Facial Toner is the perfect skin pick-me-up that results in a brighter complexion. In the evening after cleansing use it as a second cleaning step by simply saturating a cotton round and sweeping over face, neck and chest. This product removes excess build-up, restores skin’s natural pH, all while providing the skin with essential nutrients.

With regular exfoliation you’ll say goodbye to that dull winter complexion and invite in an improved overall tone and texture of skin. You will also notice less ingrown hairs and better skin moisture retention as removing just enough dead skin cells allows you to get the most out of your moisturizing products. Remember, we recommend 1-2 times a week for body and once a week non-granule exfoliation for face, neck and chest as over doing it will lead to other undesirable skin issues.

Summer is right around the corner and our hope is that these tips & products help you love your skin even more and embrace the coming days with confidence.

XO, Chloe | Licensed Esthetician | C&Co.® Handcrafted Skincare