Sneaky Ingredients to Avoid

We were interviewed last year by GoodBeing and the question of ingredient selection arose. As a formulator & manufacturer, we thought that it was the opportune time to discuss the importance of doing extra research behind all ingredients, even ones that are deemed natural.
Q. Which ingredients do you avoid at all costs? 

A. Good question. We avoid ALL petrochemicals, detergents, fillers, GMOs, synthetic preservatives and what we like to call sneaky ingredients. We consider these to be ingredients that are plant-based but have been preserved with a petrochemical derivative due to the fact that they contain a high concentration of water. Think of aloe (high water concentration) and hydrosols (aqueous solution).

It is important to ask the manufacturer for the MSDS or Certificate of Analysis when you see sneaky ingredients just to double check exactly what is being used to preserve the ingredient before manufacturing begins. Unfortunately the INCI on the label may not reflect the preservative when it is used at low concentrations as it does not need to be included per current FDA Standards.

Aqueous Solution: A solution in which the solvent is water
MSDS: Material Safety Data Sheet
INCI: International Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients