Product Highlight | Sweet Orange & Rose Facial Toner

September 06, 2019

Sweet Orange & Rose Facial Toner | C&Co.® Handcrafted Skincare

This product has become a hot topic of discussion in our retail shops as we find it is used more as we begin to transition from one season to another.

If you are unfamiliar with our Sweet Orange & Rose Facial Toner, it is a pH balanced, probiotic-rich second cleansing step that can be used a multitude of ways.

We recommend misting 8-10 pumps onto a cotton round and sweeping over skin in the evening after cleansing.

You can also use it as a refreshening mist throughout the day and to set makeup in the morning.

Because this product is pH balanced for skin, it will help your current moisturizer absorb regardless of its pH. A win, win in any routine.


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