PM Cleansing Ritual

December 02, 2020

PM Cleansing Ritual

Did you know that our Sweet Orange & Rosemary Cleansing Milk creates an ultra-hydrating lather? It does. We find that applying one pump to slightly wet hands is the best way to start the lather before bringing the bubbles to your damp face, neck and chest.

If you want to remove stubborn makeup and SPF or just feel a little congested, we recommend using a clean cotton washcloth to make a facial compress with warm water and steaming skin for a few seconds before your PM cleansing ritual. With all cleansing routines, make sure finish with a nourishing hydrator like our Evening Rose Facial Serum or Lavender Cold Cream to prevent a parched dermis and unbalanced acid mantle.

It is important to note that we recommend warm water, not hot, and to use the cotton wash cloth only to steam the skin, not exfoliate by scrubbing. A misstep here will leave your skin feeling unbalanced, dry and itchy for days.


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