Our 3 Favorite Items to Gift

For many this time of year can mean a packed schedule and an overall overwhelmed feeling on what to gift to those you love. As a brand we prefer to gift items that are either consumable or an experience. We tend to gravitate towards products that are essentials, easy to use and loved by everyone.

If we are gifting an experience, we recommend both massage and facials equally as they both are a luxury experience at our plant-based natural spa. 

With the holidays around the corner here is a list of our favorite products to gift this holiday season. If you would like to support other Asheville-based brands, we'd love for you to check out this Asheville Gift Guide. Happy gifting!

  1. Lavender & Primrose Moisturizer

We love this product because it is formulated to use seamlessly both on body and face, it absorbs quickly, and leaves skin hydrated but not sticky. We love the subtle lavender scent and the creamy texture. Paired with one of our body exfoliants, this product can be elevated from a daily essential to a weekly at-home spa experience.

Lavender & Primrose Moisturizer, #1 favorite product to gift!

  1. Relax Bath & Body Oil

For the ultimate self-care retreat after the holidays we love to incorporate this product as an after-shower base hydrator or as a weekly tub soaking oil. It is formulated with rich skin nourishing organic herbal infused oils to provide hydration while soothing skin without leaving a greasy feel. While we love to use it alone, we tend to use it in conjunction with our Herbal Soaking Salts for our once-a-week bath ritual.

Relax Bath Oil, our #2 favorite product to gift!
  1. Lavender Aromatherapy & Pillow Mist

The holidays are a recipe for disrupted sleep so we love to suggest this product as a way to encourage rest and recharge in the new year. While we love to pair this product with a mug of organic hot tea or sleep assisting minerals like magnesium and selenium, we absolutely love to use it after a hot shower incorporating our Serene Shower Mist for double bedtime aromatherapy. We tend to use 1-2 mists on a large pillow before getting into bed for just enough sleep-inducing lavender scent.

Lavender Aromatherapy & Pillow Mist, our #3 favorite product to gift!