Non-Toxic Cleaning Practices

Discussions in the clean beauty space always segue into other areas of green living. Here are some products we love and our favorite green cleaning tips and tricks to make the most out of your allotted cleaning time.

Don’t be fooled by marketing tricks, there is no need to own millions of toxic cleaning products that are for specific uses only. Remember that hot water and soap is a tried and true method for cleaning most surfaces and is accessible, affordable and effective. By following this approach you will pollute your home less, reduce your consumption and, with the power of your “dollar vote”, encourage better business practices.

The following products are some of our favorite non-toxic cleaning products:

Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap for EVERYTHING. I use a bit of this mixed with hot water to clean my floors, bathrooms and car, both inside and out. I bought the large size and it has lasted for 2 years of use which still amazes me as it is priced around $14. By purchasing from this company you are supporting their ethical business practices: 100% free healthcare for employees and their families—5 to 1 cap on executive salaries—yearly bonus of up to 25% of salary for full-time employees—15% of salary in profit-sharing.

Bon Ami has been around since 1886 and is super effective at cleaning everyday surfaces including tubs, grout, sinks and countertops. Their 5 ingredient formulation is one that I always keep on hand and tell others about as it works and is chemical free.

The Cuban Mop is the best, most simple invention. It is much cleaner than regular mops which are made of synthetic materials that are not biodegradable and hold onto bacteria unless you bleach them (yuck!) This magical cleaning tool is comprised of two wooden sticks and a cotton cloth. So simple, so amazing. Simply soak the cotton cloth in your soap and water solution adding in essential oils if desired (we love lemon and tea tree) and just mop away. When you’re finished just toss the cotton cloth in the washing machine so it is ready for your next cleaning sesh. After a lifetime of use if you do choose to dispose of your beloved Cuban mop it is completely biodegradable.

Vinegar + Water works well for windows OR simply use soap + water + rag + squeegee. At our shops we use a soapy cloth to actually wash the window and squeegee it to perfection with no streaks. If you do not own a squeegee or don’t wish to purchase one, just create a solution with ½ part white vinegar and ½ part hot water and use a cloth to clean your windows without the need for specific products that are full of chemicals.

Bar Soap is super nifty. I keep a small piece in my purse to avoid using chemical laden soap when I’m out and about. When taking a short trip or camping, I use the soap to clean not only myself but my clothing too, making sure to return it to my purse for next time.

Oil + Beeswax to protect and seal wooden furniture and cutting boards. One of the wooden tables in our shop has been coated with an oil + beeswax mixture to seal the wood and prevent staining. This type of surface can be cleaned with a damp cloth as cleaning products are not necessary. You can purchase an already mixed product or whip up your own with beeswax and almost any oil you have on hand.

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XO, Cristina Brewer | garden zealot, sun worshipper, beginner yogi, & green beauty obsessed 🇺🇸🇪🇸🌿🐰🥒 | C&Co.® Handcrafted Skincare