Let’s End Plastic Waste Together

91% of plastic waste isn’t recycled and the accumulation continues to grow, threatening aquatic and terrestrial environments all over the earth. We encourage everyone to work together to end the use of single-use plastics, not only in cosmetics, but in all industries. It may seem harmless in a moment of thirst to purchase a plastic bottle of water, but the 8.3 BILLION metric tons of plastic on earth may make you think otherwise. Your dollar vote makes more impact than any other action. By not purchasing certain items companies will have to stop manufacturing them, therefore reducing our waste.

Plastic straws, single-use sheet masks, food packaging...the list goes on and on. Remember, convenience comes at a cost. To brighten our future we encourage all to educate yourself and others and to push for policy change to reduce plastic waste.

We have a few suggestions to help you plan more effectively and reduce your waste:

    1. Klean kanteens don’t leach nasties and last forever when cared for properly. You can use these for hot or cold liquids, they are super insulated for hot coffee or ice water. Save money at the airport by carrying your own container and reduce waste. I carry mine DAILY, everyone needs water! Any glass bottle with a lid you can obviously wash and reuse as well. One of my favorites is this kombucha bottle.
    2. Bees wrap is an awesome way to store food in the fridge or to-go sans plastic!
    3. If you must use a straw please use a reusable straw like one of these.
    4. Don’t take to-go utensils. Plastic forks and spoons litter the earth! We keep real silverware at the shop and wash to use a million times. If you absolutely need disposables please use bamboo.
    5. I reuse glass jars in the fridge to store leftovers instead of purchasing plastic containers that eventually get stained, melted, etc and then thrown away. Jars from tomato sauce can easily be washed and used to store food for FREE!
    6. Bring your own shopping bag when you shop for ANYTHING: clothing, food, etc. I keep bags in my car and by my front door so as not to forget them. I use cotton duck fabric to make my own because when I’m done with them after many, many years I know they will biodegrade. The synthetic ones will not! Cotton duck is super strong, washable and lasts a very long time.
    7. Buy seasonal fresh produce at farmers markets vs. pre-portioned or packaged items from the grocery store. Not only does eating seasonally provide your body with necessary micronutrients, choosing to buy local produce supports local farms and your local community. The carbon footprint is lessened by buying local and less plastic waste is created if you bring your own bags to the markets.
    8. Another reason to shop locally: to cut down on the use of shipping materials. Many companies use bubble wrap to protect the products during shipment. Bubble wrap is not recyclable! We use biodegradable packing peanuts and tape in all of our shipments so rest assured when shopping with us!

I hope these few tips help and next time you’re out and about please consider every piece of plastic that you encounter and know most likely it does not get recycled, even when disposed of “correctly”. ♻️

XO, Cristina Brewer | garden zealot, sun worshipper, beginner yogi, & green beauty obsessed 🇺🇸🇪🇸🌿🐰🥒 | C&Co.® Handcrafted Skincare