Gratitude on our 11th Anniversary

11 years ago today I took a giant leap of faith and entered the incredible world of entrepreneurship. When I was consistently unable to find what I needed in a skincare brand back in 2010 I sought to cultivate my own. It took many years to perfect our initial formulations and built a precursor brand before C&Co.® was founded.⁠

Since 2012, we have been an Asheville-based skincare brand with a focus on plant-based ingredients and pH balanced formulations to hydrate and repair skin's barrier.⁠

If you have ever stopped by our shop or connected with us online our hope is that you would notice our detailed approach to a client-centered experience. We truly know that without your support we would not be here as a brand. Your happiness and satisfaction with all we do has been the core of this brand since day one which is why we continuously invest in creating a better experience.⁠

In addition to our clients, we know that without the consistent hard work of our longterm associates we would not be able to stay in this cut-throat industry as long as we have. It takes a very special group of individuals who are not afraid to continuously pivot and grow in their respective positions to have a successful and viable business 11 years after our start.⁠

Lastly, our decision to invest in our independent retail distribution channel is because of community. We wanted a place where you could enter and feel a sense of belonging and where we could support others in our community with purchases made. In our search for the perfect location Asheville was at the top of the list and 11 years later I feel confident in that decision.⁠

Thank you friends from the bottom of all our hearts for believing in our mission and supporting all that we do. We're so grateful to be embarking on another year alongside you all. ⁠

Christi Apodaca

Brand Founder + Formulator