Be Kind to Your Hands

December 07, 2019

Be Kind to Your Hands - C & Co.®

How do you treat your hands at the end of the day? Many of us use them for just about every task without a routine to show them some restorative love. I recognized that my nightly ritual has been a little inconsistent this past month and decided that we all needed a little reminder.

For me, weekly exfoliation is how it all begins. It is essential to remove excess dead skin cells in order to allow our concentrated products to penetrate and provide skin nutrients. From there it is a nightly scoop of Bergamot & Lavender Body Balm combined with a pump of our moisturizer. I use this duo for both hands and arms, providing gentle lymphatic massage from fingers upwards to my underarms and chest while applying.

I love this convergence of products as they are rich in vitamins with both a moderate and heavy barrier to prevent TEWL without leaving you sticky or greasy.


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